Update! Finally got round to doing some more on the engine and gearbox. Both stripped, cleaned and painted. Also nice tegiwa order showed up, cylinder head is getting sent away soon along with flywheel then on to the rebuild and get the engine and gearbox in the car. More updates very soon!

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More progress this week as I have time off work, cylinder got stripped down and dropped off to get cleaned, pressure tested, valve stem seals replaced, very slight skim and valves lapped in.

Also snapped the temperature sensor for the clocks so that's getting sorted whilst at engineering shop along with getting the Fidenza lightweight flywheel I have resurfaced. Bottom end is now back together with all gaskets and seals replaced. New oil pickup pipe and new baffled sump. Starting to look decent now, cant wait to get the head back and fitted.
I'm proper jealous of how clean that block is. Don't think mine has ever been cleaned at it sure shows!

How is the sump? I remember watching that Adam Ivell on Youtube and he was having problems with it leaking. Unsure if he just didn't seal it properly.
I'm proper jealous of how clean that block is. Don't think mine has ever been cleaned at it sure shows!

How is the sump? I remember watching that Adam Ivell on Youtube and he was having problems with it leaking. Unsure if he just didn't seal it properly.

Yet to finish building up the engine man. Used a new genuine gasket so should be good.
Had a mate with a fancy camera take some photos of the car last week, can't beat the champ white and Spoon Sports bonnet combo I reckon. Motivated to make some good progress now!

Been reading loads of old threads recently, really giving me lots of motivation, most parts now either on way or already here including a full Rywire engine harness. Just waiting on getting head back from engineering shop. Needed a bit more work than first thought, all valve guides have been replaced with Ferrera bronze guides and also needed two new exhaust valves. Hope to get it back this week and engine built up over the weekend if so!!
Be interested to know how you get on with that harness as I've heard a few people say they had issues with theirs and its put me off doing it
Be interested to know how you get on with that harness as I've heard a few people say they had issues with theirs and its put me off doing it
Well fingers crossed. Went for it as I like the motorsport style and the fact its eaily tucked and all new rather than buying a used one. Will report back once it arrives!
Bit of an update, finally got the head back from the engineering shop after over a month of waiting.... cleaned, tested, skimmed, new bronze ferrera valve guides fitted along with new OEM stem seals and two new exhaust valves as they were pitted.




Also had a delivery from tegiwa of a new Exedy clutch kit and OEM flywheel bolts and the Rywire harness, ground kit and charge harness arrived, quality is great, very happy with it.



Also had some free time the other night and painted a couple of brackets for the block and took the starter motor apart and painted it, will add some photos of the starter once I put it back together.

Planning to go to the shed this week and start to reassemble the engine. Also going to be trading in my current daily driver (65 plate Audi S3 for a 14 plate Passat.....yawn. But should free up some funds for the EK9 and with the parts I have already things should start to speed up a bit more progress wise!!


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Cleaned up and painted the starter motor tonight, no before pics but it was very crusty before hand.
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Back up at the shed yesterday, finally starting to make good progress now. Gearbox is ready having replaced both diff seals, selector shaft seal and release bearing. Refitted all the bits that were removed when the box was painted. Just need to find some gearbox mounting studs and fasteners as it came without them (for the gearbox mount).

With that done I set about finally starting to put the engine back together.



New genuine Honda head gasket and head bolts. Nice to see the cylinder head back on after waiting far too long for it to get reconditioned.


Camshafts and caps lubricated and refitted along with vtec solenoid, replaced the seal for this along with the upper seal with genuine honda items. Also fitted a new coolant temp sensor in the head along with new manifold studs. Water outlet from the head refitted and sealed also using hondabond.



Alternator brackets fitted, happy with how they look in VHT wrinkle black. Also fitted the Skunk2 inlet manifold with a tegiwa thermal gasket.



Not very happy with the gasket as due to the thickness of it the engagement of the nuts onto the studs for the manifold isn't very much so may remove it and go with oem or try and get some extended inlet manifold studs. Unfortunately had to stop at that due to forgetting to order front camshaft oil seals... also replaced the front main crankshaft seal, water pump with new seal, timing belt idler and tensioner spring. Will complete the build up once a few more bits I need to order arrive!!
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Sweet build dude loving that carbon fiber hood, the white compliments it
Update time, hope everyone had a good christmas and new year. Had a couple of tegiwa orders come in so made some progress on the b18c tonight. Got the new camshaft seals fitted along with a speed factory rear billet camshaft plug seal. Fitted the new genuine honda timing belt.


Cleaned up and fitted the timing covers. Noticed a missing bolt but I've got a load of yellow flanged zinc bolts on the way so will fit one of those and replace a lot of the old **** looking bolts on the engine.


Also fitted a brand new genuine honda post mount. Removed the inlet manifold as I've ordered some extended studs for it. Placed an old rocker cover on but will come off when I do the valve clearances later this week and I'll fit the nice j's racing blue cover I have.


Brand new dipstick is a nice touch too I think. Hoping to order the last of the bits I need soon and get the clutch and flywheel fitted, gearbox on and hopefully engine in!
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Had a few packages arrive and had some free time between working on other peoples cars this Saturday to make some more progress on the B18C. Carried out adjustment of the valve clearances to manufacturers spec. Fitted extended intake manifold studs with new nuts.


Also replaced a fair few of the bolts on the engine with new yellow zinc plated bolts. Plan replace more before the engine goes in as some of the larger ones I ordered have the wrong thread pitch. But most of the smaller ones replaced, very happy with how they look.


After refitting the skunk2 intake manifold I fitted the j's racing blue rocker cover with new genuine honda seals and fasteners etc. Also put some plugs in it and fitted the Spoon Sports plug cover. Starting to look the part now I think!


Not much left to do now until the flywheel, clutch and gearbox can go on then into the car. Need to source a few parts first though, power steering pump bracket, alternator as the one the came with the engine has seen better days and a gearbox mounting bracket that fixes to the engine mount on the chassis leg. If anyone on here has any of these let me know!!