1. Kieran Bailey

    EK9 RX Not Sparking

    Thought I'd post on here to see if theres any old school users with some big brains? My EK9 isn't sparking. Previously the rotor arm bolt came out and went through the ignition control module. Since then, I have replaced the control module, the coil, the rotor arm and the Dizzy cap. Also...
  2. B16V-TECH

    EK9s Looking to go to Japfest this year?

    Hi I’ve owned my EK9 since 2008 and haven’t been to one of these festivals before (I usually go to BTCC races at Brands Hatch) my poor car has just come out of the specialist garage from a long 6 months and what better way to enjoy it/ show it off with a few other EKs and Japfest 1. Are there...
  3. Jake_ek9

    Brake Pads compatibility on EK9

    Hi everyone, I am looking to replace my brake pads and brake rotors. I was thinking of ordering from RHDJAPAN and I was looking at the Dixcel Z Type pads and Dixcel Type SD front disks. However, the website shows 2 different types of brake pads in the product's description. The part number...
  4. Robchiiks

    Frankenstein EK9 headlights

    Hello. I may be weird, but I have a weird dream of having brand new facelift EK9 headlights (the ones, that come in gunmetal chrome housing). I know they are still available brand new, but they only come for RHD markets. And since I live in a LHD market, that creates an issue. I do have spare...
  5. ccklouis

    EK9 rear spoiler torque specs

    Hi everyone, I am getting a seeker v2 spoiler and would like to know the torque specs for each screw. Don't want to mess up the installation or break anything on a 20+ years old car.
  6. P

    Dc2/ek9 rear hubs on mb6?

    Hi! I just wonder if its a straight swap to 5x114.3 rear hubs from Dc2/ek9 on a mb6/mc2? I know that the mb6/mc2 have a longer tap ( dont know How long? ) But do dc2/ek9 olso have that? I have put mb6 front and rear big brake kit on my Honda ej6 and want to 5 stud convert them.
  7. Dzero4

    Special Offer - Tegiwa B Series Exhaust Manifold

    Hello wonderful EK9 owners, I've been lucky enough to work out a deal with Tegiwa on their wonderful B series Exhaust Manifold. I have just fitted one to my own EK9 and it is a super high quality piece and I am very impressed. RRP: £544.50 + Delivery. Deal Price: £460* delivered within...
  8. EgSleeper

    NEW LOOK Sage Grey EK

    New look, same car….Klutch lookin Avid wheels wit some tint ✅
  9. EgSleeper

    97 Ek Hatch 99-00 Conversion *NEW COLOR Sage Grey*

    New to the community, trying to check out some other cars on the site & share some of my own as well… This is just the daily little single jingle, lowered on some eBay no name full coils (surprisingly rides pretty good) with some black Rota Slips Picked up the vehicle pretty beat up and fairly...
  10. BravelyHorizon

    Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

    Hey, I wanna respray my VSM Pre-Facelift EK9. Right now the clear coat is slowly fading away, and it realy should get a new paint job. I wanna do it the right way, outside and inside. Before that i wanna put it in a chemical bad, so its completely rust and paint free. The only problem i have...
  11. civicx3

    EK9 style rear chassis brace crash bar ( Part# 74370-S03-Z00ZZ )

    Item for sale: EK9 style rear chassis brace crash bar Reputation: Civicx3 Price: £100 + postage Paypal: Yes but fees need to be covered Condition: New Rear brace that will stiffen up the rear end and provide some support as a crash bar This style of brace only came on the EK9 and the genuine...
  12. H

    New Member in Tokyo

    Hello everyone, I've had my 1997 Vogue Silver Metallic EK9 for a bit over a year now! I've learned a lot from the forum, figured it was finally time to get an account. A CTR was a fantastic choice for a daily, it's already taken me on some great adventures. The car sees regular touge runs, but...
  13. Goodsport

    WTB - Greddy/Trust parts

    Majorly wanting to buy anything Greddy/Trust that would fit an EK9. Here's a list of the bit's I haven't found yet and would greatly appreciate help finding (Rewards maybe offered if I really struggle to find some). - Greddy Manifold for B16B - Greddy Mid pipe - Greddy Cooling panel - Greddy...
  14. Coughan

    Idle issue ek9

    Hi guys a bit of a long one, Basically had my ek9 all was perfect took it to Torque GT to do valve clearance and timing belt, and they rang me saying the car won't idle properly and would die if you didn't add throttle, said it was IACV so I replaced this it stopped the ca from dying but still...
  15. Secondz

    Ek9 Power Door panels?

    Anyone happen to have some power window/lock ek9 door panels they’re willing to ship to the US? I really only need the passenger ( left side ) door panel but will purchase both if needed.
  16. spikeyhairdude

    Parts Required for KSWAP

    I made this file last year to help my friends KSWAP Their cars as i have spent over £10,000 buying all branded parts when there was alot of parts i could of cheap out on. Dont be a mug and edit this saying that you did it, This was done in my free time to help out, not to make money. Example...
  17. V

    EK9 Rear and Side decal (for black color)

    Hello, I'm looking for x2 Side and x1 Rear decal for EK9(black). Part numbers: 75717-S03-Z00ZB 75773-S03-Z00ZB Does anyone have any of those? Thank you
  18. Secondz

    WTB: 97 pre-facelift EK9 grill and side view mirrors

    Looking for a oem grill and side view mirrors, took my car to get painted and apparently some of my parts grew legs and walked away Shipping to Cape Coral FL 33909
  19. carguzr


  20. Goodsport

    Goodsport's EK9 Build

    So this has been at least 12 years in the making, the dream for an EK9 has always been strong. Originally fueled by Gran Turismo and then Racing/Kanjo culture in general. It never really timed right for me to be able to grab one so I'd sort of resigned to it never happening. I had always known...