1. Germax

    Ek9 teyp çerçeve

    Herkese merhabalar, benim aracım 2000 Honda ies makyajlı kasa, aracıma paylaştığım konsoldan takmak istiyorum lakin ülkemiz Türkiyede çok pahalı....
  2. A

    Honda Civic EK Parts Needed!!!

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well during these times - I'm new to the forum and in need of some Honda Civic EK Parts and thought some of you guys can help or got links to the right people I own a Honda Civic EK4 and looking for parts looking for OEM original parts only in mint condition with no...
  3. BillyT_EK9

    B18C EK9 Build

    Been meaning to post something for a while, first post! After being into Honda's for some time, having had an EE9 and EK4 previous I decided to buy my dream car. Facelift EK9 in champ white. The car was bought a good while ago now, from Ben at RPerformance in Plymouth (I live in the north of...
  4. nav_ee9

    Civic EE9 / EF Restoration Project

    After owning a few hondas in the past iv recently been enjoying my daily diesel Seat leon BTCC which ticks most of the boxes and to be honest i was out of the honda scene for a short while and wasnt planing on looking back! Untill one day a friend told me he knew someone who had a 'box' shaped...
  5. Turfy

    Turfy's 2000 Ek9 Type Rx Fresh Import :) Spoon Bonnet - SR4 Tomcats

    Hi all! In 2016 I contacted Torque-GT (Darren Keshishian) to use their Personal Import Service. I was very specific in what i wanted to get and what standards it needed to meet - ''Im looking for a 2000 Ek9 Rx. Type Rx with all Type Rx optional extra's. The more standard the car the better, I...
  6. Miguel16

    28T calipers bracket

    Hi! I'm looking for a pair 28T caliper brackets (accord type R)
  7. B


    I have a b16b that I recently bought and i want to change the timing belt and water pump but i want to make sure if its ok if i purchase the belt and pump for a 99 00 civic si Will it fit perfectly fine?
  8. F

    EK9 under 100k miles wanted!

    Looking for a nice condition EK9 with under 100k miles on the clock. Preferable Championship white but will definitely consider all other colours! Cheers Freddie
  9. R555 DUN

    My Milano Red EP3

    So took delivery of my EP3 today, car is A clean example apart from damage to the front bumper which happened taking off the back of the transporter :nono: I'll try get the full spec list... Fiberworx Lip Replica Mugen Grill ABP 30mm Springs Powerflow back box K&N Typhoon HID Lights Carbon...
  10. R555 DUN

    JDM EP3 Floor Mats.

    Probably a long shot. As titled, looking for a very good quality set of Genuine Red JDM EP3 CTR Floor mats. Also if available the full Red JDM EP3 carpet lining as well, also in nearly new condition. Must be minimal/no wear on both items. PM Me. Thanks, Ross.
  11. nitros81

    Genuine ek9 vs Fake

    Hi guys, I'm looking into buying an ek9 here in Malta. The market is very limited here so finding a good ek9 for sale is a rare occurrence. There is one that has caught my eye but it has been for sale for quite a while. I am wondering if it might be a fake ek9. Or rather an ek4 converted to an...
  12. milano_vtec

    Anyone know what type of wheels are these?

    Hey Guys im been trying to figure out what type of wheels these are the look like the itr 4x114 wheels but the spokes are a bit wider. Attatched are a comparasin of the wheels. Left is the wheel im asking about on the and on the right is the ITR 4x114. Thanks in advance..
  13. AlbertEK

    EK9 WING Carbon Fiber by Aerodynamics

    Hey guys! Yesterday I installed the wing, this wing is quite rare to see, at least here in Spain. The same as the CTR wing but in Carbon. Anyway, here are some pics for you! Hope you like it and share your opinion!
  14. dc2kidda

    New user..

    New to this guys got sum dc2 integra alloys in white for sale with Honda caps.. * no forsale ads in the new users forum Thanks