1. BillyT_EK9

    B18C EK9 Build

    Been meaning to post something for a while, first post! After being into Honda's for some time, having had an EE9 and EK4 previous I decided to buy my dream car. Facelift EK9 in champ white. The car was bought a good while ago now, from Ben at RPerformance in Plymouth (I live in the north of...
  2. Lorcan Moore

    Modified EK4 Irish Rally build

    Hi all. I am new to this forum craic. My brother and I bought an EK4 rally car back in October with the intention of competing in the National Rally Championship in 2017. The car was cosmetically rough but mechanically good boasting fully built stafford b16a on Itb's. Aesthetics don't win rallys...
  3. akeen666

    Skunk2 Pro Series Cams B-Series

    I am building a new engine and Im looking for a Skunk2 Pro Series Stage 2 Camshafts for B18c engine Anyone have them for sale ?
  4. akeen666

    Skunk2 Exhaust manifold

    Has anyone got a Skunk2 B-Series Alpha exhaust manifold ? Is it any good in comparison to OEM or other Aftermarket ones ? Any recommendations ?