My Milano Red EP3

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Feb 28, 2016
So took delivery of my EP3 today, car is A clean example apart from damage to the front bumper which happened taking off the back of the transporter :nono: I'll try get the full spec list...

Fiberworx Lip
Replica Mugen Grill
ABP 30mm Springs
Powerflow back box
K&N Typhoon
HID Lights
Carbon Wrapped (which may be going)
Forged Valves
Forged Conrods
Forged Pistons
Stage 3 DS3000 Clutch
Stoptech Discs
Enkei Evo 8 wheels
Beaks bar (also going)
Tegiwa Tow Bar (again... going)

My plans with the car are to possibly get a Skunk2 Megapower R, J's Racing Air Intake, Mugen Spoiler & Grill Replace the Seats with Premier Seats (Possibly JDM Recaros) New Floor mats, Import Plates, Spare Bumper, New Headlights, Volk RE30 Wheels in bronze, and possibly turbo the engine.

Bad points. Milano Red, obviously a difficult colour to look after, Headlights are scratched to hell, the wheels are also needing a bit of TLC, Driver mirror seems to be cracked under the wrap... and obviously the big chip in the bumper has to be seen to! The bonnet may need a re paint... so may do the whole car if I'm brave enough.

That being said, i think the car is great. Feels good to drive, very solid, tight steering, very quiet in VTEC though :( Hence the skunk2, gearbox feels good and it pulls very well.

Few pics:

So not a lot has happened with the car as of lately, finally got the transport company that damaged the bumper to admit they damaged it :angry2: just done the odd little thing to the car, just visually... the private reg came through, it's a gem, a lot of folk i spoke about the reg to think i'm silly but they don't understand Type R's like the rest of us :lol: got some import kick steps for the car... nothing exciting but they look good in the car, haven't got any pics of them as i forgot to take... also changed the fake looking Type R stickers on the both skirts and got a rear Type r badge to liven up the back of the car a little! have a set of jdm mats en route! will also have to look for a red jdm carpet and possibly get a red pole position for the driver side of the car and a jdm red recaro for the passenger, i still haven't decided! and because i have never seen a ep3 with one, possibly a zoom monaco mirror, i'm not overly a fan of the Broadway mirrors, too many on them on the go, also thinking of getting a mugen front lip if i opt for a new bumper, and possibly GT3 style APR mirrors... still to decide on a lot of these modifications, stuff just to make the car stand out a little, i'll start playing with the performance when it's finally on the road!

A few pics of the additions...

Private Reg (sitting a bit off and a little high on the front, i just put it on for an idea!)

The Rear badge, love how it looks on the car, it makes people know it's an R!

and finally the Skirting Stickers, i opted for the glitter ones because why not!

That's all for now! Thanks for viewing, Ross.
Super clean build this mate
Cheers bud! The pics do make the car look great! But it's not the same good looking car in person sadly, it's crazy what a few hours and some polish and wax can do though!
Love a Milano red Ep3, yours looks like a good example. :nice:
Thanks man! I always see cosmic EP3's and wander if i should have hunted for that colour but i see the Milano and it rememinds me why i got the car :dance: yeah the car is clean enough, a good base to start with :nerv:
Cheers bud! The pics do make the car look great! But it's not the same good looking car in person sadly, it's crazy what a few hours and some polish and wax can do though!

More than welcome matey That's a shame looks mint bro

Ha-ha it is amazing what some polish and wax can do pal
More than welcome matey That's a shame looks mint bro

Ha-ha it is amazing what some polish and wax can do pal
I'm just a perfectionist lol it's a bad thing... hence why the ej is a million times cleaner than this car, love both cars and therez nothing wrong with the type r but this comes nowhere near the ej when they're bothed cleaned up and sittng in the sun...
So haven't updated either thread in a while so I thought I may as well..

Nothing much really has happened with the Type R admittedly, I've opted to change the stage 3 clutch for a much more friendly exedy clutch, those of you following my EJ build would notice I ditched the fixed bride bucket seats, well one of them will be going into this car, along with both the takata harnesses.
got a Skunk2 Shifter and oil cap. JDM floor mats, finally decided on what wheels I will be getting, opted for a set of enkei rpf1's in black, swapping my mid pipe for a decat pipe off my friends ep3, and also thinking of raising the car a bit as the rear wheels are knocking off the arch and for another important reason.. (you'll see why further down the thread :()

The car sorely needs serviced, I lack the motivation to do it myself so when it's getting mot'd it'll get a service, also need to have a look at the gearbox as it is playing up a little..

A few photos:

Testing out the bucket:

How low the car is on the small ramp at my work:

And one of the reasons I am raising the car:

Had a fight with a dirt bank in the rain, car aquaplaned and the rest you can see. Lip also met the passenger door so that has some lovely scratches and dents on it, the front passenger wheel also has got a few scratches too..

But this is how the car currently sits. Got the machine polisher out to try clear some of the scratches on the door, and mounted the lip back on so the car doesn't look as ridiculous, I think I got off lucky... touch wood!:

Like the black takata, fun to see something different from the usual green :)