1. Ek9888fb


    Hey guys just bought myself a ek9 and wanting to buy oem rims. Found these on Facebook marketplace. The seller said they’re oem but any chance you guys can help me out to see how to spot if these are oem or not Thanks guys Appreciate the help
  2. jackm

    Help - Violent Vibration at 4.5k+ RPM

    Does anyone happen to know what this horrible violent vibration is that only happens at around 4.5k+ rpm. It doesn’t do it below then. Since recording the videos linked, we have changed LMA’s for brand nee Skunk2 ones and also changed our turbo - issue still persists. I am struggling to...
  3. Goodsport

    WTB - Greddy/Trust parts

    Majorly wanting to buy anything Greddy/Trust that would fit an EK9. Here's a list of the bit's I haven't found yet and would greatly appreciate help finding (Rewards maybe offered if I really struggle to find some). - Greddy Manifold for B16B - Greddy Mid pipe - Greddy Cooling panel - Greddy...
  4. Coughan

    Idle issue ek9

    Hi guys a bit of a long one, Basically had my ek9 all was perfect took it to Torque GT to do valve clearance and timing belt, and they rang me saying the car won't idle properly and would die if you didn't add throttle, said it was IACV so I replaced this it stopped the ca from dying but still...
  5. Sky_G2_

    Where to find OEM parts?

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought a 1999 Honda Civic and needed some help and advice. I have been trying to look for specific oem parts for my civic and seem to have trouble finding them and wanted to know if you guys know of places that ship to australia that I can buy the items from as...
  6. S

    Front Brake Calipers locking on after driving?

    Hey all, So i recently bought a 99 ej9, and was told the caliper was seizing, replaced it all was good. Then the other caliper started seizing, so i then took it off and also replaced the disc. and went and changed the disc on the other side too. So now with 4 new pads, 2 new discs and 2 new...
  7. ek9_jamie

    RHD Japan - what did it actually cost?

    Hi all. I'm looking at ordering a part from RHDJapan but obviously there's more cost to it than the cost of the item and the shipping. What sort of import / extra costs did people get when they have ordered from here?
  8. ek9_jamie

    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    Hi all, what tyres are people using on the OEM wheels? I’m looking for something that’ll be great on the road and also usable on track in the wet eventually. Has anyone had experience with the 195/50/15 Pilot Sport 3s as this seemed like an obvious choice? Thanks everyone!
  9. A

    Door lock problems

    My ek door lock will not lock or open I know how to fix but cannot find the part, it’s the drivers side door, can anyone help? I’m sick of climbing over to get into driver seat!
  10. Ek_st4n

    Fitment advice

    Hi guys, looking at getting some new wheels for my EK, currently looking at some 2 piece enkeis that look to be 15x6.5 with et32? I've attached some photos if someone can tell me if I'm right or not and wether these would fit? Everything else is currently stock but I will be upgrading the...
  11. Bswappedkid

    Hello there guys! im currently in the progress of doing a b18c4 swap into a ej9! needing help!

    Ok so ive been researching abit i cant afford to forge rightnow but in about 5 months ill have the money for a fully forged build but being as impatient as i am i want to turbo it to have a little fun in the meantime instead of rolling round in a 1.4 :/ i have a precision 4831b and all the...
  12. P

    D2 Lcas? Hardrace lcas? M2 motorsport lcas?

    need help with choosing the right arms only recently just bought my motor, looking to do a few changes to the suspension and brakes before i move on to engine swapping. Anyone got a review on a set of hardrace and D2's? very much appreciated.
  13. A

    Bee R rev limiter

    Hello everyone. Can i fit bee r rev limiter to civic ej9? It has D14A3 engine. Thanks.
  14. Wildjames123

    Gear replacement/ratio help ISSUES

    Hi Guys, Slight issue i ordered a replacement ratio for my gearbox PN 23431-P21-000, it's arrived and it's different my old gear was 20 tooth input shaft and 38 output and the new gear is 40 tooth. Which leads me to believe i may have a MB6 gearbox and not the EK9 (SC4) box? Old gear was...
  15. EkBen

    Constant CEL (code zero?) service check connector no voltage

    Ok as title... Will start off by saying I have a 2000 ek4 VTI with a B18c using an apexi ecu. Problem I have is the CEl is on CONSTANTLY, does not blink even when I try and jump the service check connector and search for a code (which itself is a code zero apparently?). Although it will...
  16. C

    D14Z2 Swap to D16Z6

    Hi Guys, I am looking to swap my engine, I have a pre facelift Honda civic Ej9 and would like to know what I will need, i'll have the engine, gearbox, and driveshafts, but other than that I have nothing, can anyone give me a list of what I will need and some prices if possible, I want to keep...
  17. E

    Need help...

    Building a Ek from scratch, first build honestly, and trying to figure out where to begin.
  18. Emilio Vasquez

    B16B head

    Hey guys and girls. I need a B16B head for a good price with shipping included. Thank you. The picture is for show. lol.
  19. Emilio Vasquez

    B16B rebuild head help

    I have a B16B head that has a bent valve and I was wondering if there was a b16 head rebuild guide somewhere and if these parts will be better in the long run if I want to go turbo. Thank you! Link to valvetrain page...
  20. ChrisFitz991

    Cleaning Recaro

    So looking into buying an ek9 but alot of them within my budget have pretty rough seats in them. Anyone know if they hard to clean or even can be cleaned? If they can any tips or tricks on cleaning them Photo of the seats in the ek9 im currently looking at not sure what the carpets are...