Front Brake Calipers locking on after driving?


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Oct 18, 2020
Hey all,
So i recently bought a 99 ej9, and was told the caliper was seizing, replaced it all was good.
Then the other caliper started seizing, so i then took it off and also replaced the disc. and went and changed the disc on the other side too.
So now with 4 new pads, 2 new discs and 2 new calipers. the brakes start acting weird.
At first the pedal came loose and the brakes really soft...
But now after some messing and bleeding, the brakes are perfect for about 5/10 minutes of driving, then they start to lock on, and very strong at that, and the pedal gets very hard to press.
I have ordered new brake hoses as the current ones are pretty bad condition.
Mechanic claims it could be the proportioning valves acting as a 1-way valve?
I'm hoping the new hoses will fix the problem.
But am unsure if they will.
Has anyone else had any similar issue?
Changed brake hoses aaaaand brake prop valve, they are still locking on...
Theyre fine once left for a while.. but driving for a while they just dont let up.
Master cylinder next? Anybody help :(