Where to find OEM parts?


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Sep 20, 2021
1999 Honda Civic
Hello everyone, I have recently bought a 1999 Honda Civic and needed some help and advice.
I have been trying to look for specific oem parts for my civic and seem to have trouble finding them and wanted to know if you guys know of places that ship to australia that I can buy the items from as the ones I have found seem to be a bit too expensive for such parts and are mostly second handed.
- Grey Sun Visor - needs to not be fabric or alcantera as the one that came with the car seems to be leather.
- Signal lever as the current one is worn out
I may need more items as things progress with the car as I have just recently bought it but knowing of a place to buy parts from would be great.
#I can provide pictures as well in the future when I have the time to take some.

I could also use help on what to change after buying the car from the previous owner (Any fluids or oils?) as I do not have much clue as to what needs maintenance beside the obvious stuff. also like to point out the car was fully serviced before it was sold to me.

The car has a D16Y4 engine btw if that helps as I am still unsure as to which honda civic I have.
hey! welcome,
if you would like to DM me i can help you find any parts you require.
in general whenever i buy a car i like to do a full service (air/oil/fuel filters, oil and plugs) + timing belt/tensioner/waterpump just for erring on the side of caution
1. eBay
2. JDM Ohio Direct
3. JSH Motor
4. HMO Online
5. J Spec Auto
ah yes jspec, well known for selling a stolen ek9 cut in half. great supplier.