Help - Violent Vibration at 4.5k+ RPM


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May 13, 2023
1999 Honda Civic Coupe
Does anyone happen to know what this horrible violent vibration is that only happens at around 4.5k+ rpm. It doesn’t do it below then.

Since recording the videos linked, we have changed LMA’s for brand nee Skunk2 ones and also changed our turbo - issue still persists.

I am struggling to identify what on earth is going on, if someone could shed some light or suggest what to do, it would be really useful!

I suspect it’s a top end noise, it sounds it but of course it could be anything… For anyone wondering it’s a B18C4 w/ EK9 cams (just in case anyone knows a common top end issue).

Video 1
Video 2

Thanks :)
sounds like something vibrating against something else, had same issue with mine and moved oil cooler down 2mm to fix it. Worth having a good look around the bay for anything touching something else