WTB - Greddy/Trust parts


Sep 21, 2021
1999 EK9, 1986 Corolla Levin GT Apex, 2013 Jazz Si
Majorly wanting to buy anything Greddy/Trust that would fit an EK9. Here's a list of the bit's I haven't found yet and would greatly appreciate help finding (Rewards maybe offered if I really struggle to find some).

- Greddy Manifold for B16B
- Greddy Mid pipe
- Greddy Cooling panel
- Greddy High Capacity Oil Pan for B16
- Greddy Radiator for EK (Full width not half)

Currently have

- Greddy Harness Pads Blue x4
- Greddy Harness Pads Orange x2
- Greddy Oil Cap
- Greddy Radiator Cap
- Greddy GREX Shift Knob x3
- Greddy Magnetic Oil Plug
- Greddy AIRINX Air Filter
- Greddy Extreme Timing Belt
- Greddy Brake Reservoir Covers x2

Anything Greddy/Trust related that you find, please send it my way. I'm hunting through Yahoo/Crooober/Ebay on a daily basis currently haha.
Bump on this, if any of you can find and I successfully end up purchasing any of that top list of other bits I don't have, I'll send you £50 as a reward.
Thanks all!!!
I have the exhaust, side mirror and the carburetor, also with some interior, what exactly do you still need?
I’m still after most of the items on my list, I’d be very interested to see what Greddy exhaust and mirrors you have. Please drop me a PM