1. W

    Carbon Fiber Roof - EK4/EK9

    Hello there, I'm just curious if anyone is interested in Group buy of EK4 / EK9 hatchback carbon fiber roof. 1996-2000 I talked with company near me. And they are willing to make few roofs. Everything is customizable. You can chose between different types of carbon and so on. Process is dry...
  2. Teeky_JDM

    Super Rare Y56 Honda Civic EK4 SiR - Only Known Y56 EK4 SiR In The UK

    Hey folks, it's been a while since I've been on here, I thought I'd share my latest purchase with you guys. Here's a little back story. As some of you may remember my first ever Honda was Civic Jordan # 265 (Link below) https://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/civic-jordan-265.79670/ So long...
  3. civicx3

    EK9 style rear chassis brace crash bar ( Part# 74370-S03-Z00ZZ )

    Item for sale: EK9 style rear chassis brace crash bar Reputation: Civicx3 Price: £100 + postage Paypal: Yes but fees need to be covered Condition: New Rear brace that will stiffen up the rear end and provide some support as a crash bar This style of brace only came on the EK9 and the genuine...
  4. K

    B16a2 swap error code 14 - Help?

    Hi, my engines in and running but I have a flash code of 14 that I believe to be the EACV, I also have a completely standard perfectly running ek4 so I swapped the EACV’s over and I still have the error code and the ek4 runs perfectly fine! So I’m guessing it’s a wiring issue, just wondered if...
  5. AjaxGixx

    Planning to rebuild a B16

    Good day everyone, after 270.000 kilometers, I'm planning to rebuild my B16A2. My optimistic vision wants to build an affordablish engine with the power of a spicy B16B, or maybe, near to a B18C (I know will not be the same thing, but...). Even so I want to put an LSD and I'am a little bit...
  6. A

    Door lock problems

    My ek door lock will not lock or open I know how to fix but cannot find the part, it’s the drivers side door, can anyone help? I’m sick of climbing over to get into driver seat!
  7. A

    Honda Civic EK Parts Needed!!!

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well during these times - I'm new to the forum and in need of some Honda Civic EK Parts and thought some of you guys can help or got links to the right people I own a Honda Civic EK4 and looking for parts looking for OEM original parts only in mint condition with no...
  8. Roughsmoke

    EG / EF / EK / EP - PARTS FROM JAPAN: Genuine aftermarket USED goods (Yahoo Auctions).

    Hello everyone, We thought we'd make a separated post for USED goods as opposed to our other post for many of the brands we supply new goods for. Here below, you'll find some links for Yahoo Auctions that you'll be able to click/refresh anytime to see the latest listings. We've tried where...
  9. Adamek4sir

    My new 2000 ek4 sir 2 jdm import

    Bought this gem recently Honda civic Ek4 sir ii Every factory extra Modulo sideskirts wheels and exhaust (honda optional factory extras Only 140000km 2nd owner in Ireland Mint condition inside n out
  10. A

    compression ratio

    hi all i was looking at 500hp forums for an ek4 and i was curious to know what the best compression ratio is for a b18c4 on the forum the indervidual said that he would not go over a 10-1 or 9-1 on a 500hp motor can someone please if you can inform me on the best cr for daily and track use
  11. A


    Hi all! i am new to this forum and own a civic ek4 SIR which includes the optional extra 'honda navigation system' and i would like to know if it possible to get the disc for the system in english! any help much appreciated!
  12. B-SerialRacer

    civic ek4 highflow cat questions

    Hi everyone! My name is Aris and I 'm totally new in this forum. The last 12 years I own a '99 civic ek4 vti with 175.000km on it. It has basic mods and bolt-ons such us: Bilstein B6 suspension HR springs Spoon torque damper oem airbox with a k&n drop in filter Accel spark plug wires 54mm...
  13. coreyxpartridge

    Black Preface EJ6 Coupe - Track/Fast Road

    I had a thread on here before (Corey’s SSB EK4 VTI), for my old EK4 which I bought, drove for a year and then took off the road for a full resto. During the space of 6-8 months I stripped the car to pieces in my workshop at home. I got robbed :angry2: so I started renting a proper unit, then I...
  14. Vtex

    Type R Diff noise, please help.

    Hey guys, First of all, I have searched and see there is some info on the forum but don't think this answers my question or anyone posted a solution. I have a dc2 98 spec box in my SIR, the diff is sometimes making a groaning noise when turning at slow speed, when more than 1 full turn of lock...
  15. Zaid Loonat

    147.7 BHP ON DYNO ! HELP !

    hey guys. Took my 75k miles civic ek4 Jordan b16a2 for dyno runs yesterday and it only ran 147 bhp It has few bolt on mods and one of previous owner was using it as a track car .... * AEBS INTAKE MANIFOLD (from the states) *421 manifold and full exhaust system with decat pipe I thought it...
  16. E

    WANTED: 262mm Front Brake Carrier (O/S Drivers)

    WANTED: 262mm Front Brake Carrier (O/S Drivers) To fit an EG6, nisin caliper Im pretty sure the EK4 / 96spec DC2 / EG6 carriers are the same even if the caliper size is different
  17. MJ_B16A

    Ek4 SiR

    Well lads, new to this forum although been researching on it for years, now that I'm somewhat finished building my civic ,I said I'd join . Lot of info here and I want to make use of the "for sale" section as I'm finding it hard to get parts. But most of all some of the oldest veteran honda...
  18. SpikeEK

    Ek4 Brake Upgrade

    Hi, New to the forum and looking for advice. Currently building an Ek4 Rally Car and looking at upgrading the brakes,but want to be able to keep the 4x100 and be able to run 15x7 rims. Any ideas? What would be able to volt straight on from another honda? As don't want to go down the line of...
  19. EkBen

    MG 260mm N/S/R or 262 rear calipers

    As title, Broken a bleeder valve and cba to waste my time extracting it so looking for either a single left rear 260mm MG caliper or a pair of 262mm rears
  20. Stuarty27

    Ek9 steering wheel help

    Hi all, new to the forum as I was on the Jordan one before but that has since closed down. Basically I've got an EK9 SRS momo steering wheel which I wanted to fit to my civic Jordan, normally not a big deal, however, this wheel has the hub missing and the ek4/Jordan steering wheel hub can't be...