Super Rare Y56 Honda Civic EK4 SiR - Only Known Y56 EK4 SiR In The UK


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Mar 13, 2019
Hey folks, it's been a while since I've been on here, I thought I'd share my latest purchase with you guys.


Here's a little back story.

As some of you may remember my first ever Honda was Civic Jordan # 265 (Link below)

So long story short, I sold the engine swap, exhaust and few other bits off the car and sold the rolling shell on, I instantly regretted it.

I kept in contact with the lad who bought it and always told him if he ever sells it I'll buy it back off him. So one day I got a call and he said come take it.

The rust on the car was pretty bad, it had an awful H22 swap and just the usual cheap ebay mods, but I bought it anyway (for alot more than what I sold it for lol)
Damn inflation



The plan was to fully strip the car, have it sand blasted & do a full nut & Bolt OEM + Restoration on it.

I also bought a Genuine 6000 mile Civic EJ9 which is insanely clean and the plan was to use that as a donor shell and cut all the sections off and weld the Jordan up, mainly because OEM Rear Quarter panels are discontinued from Honda.


LUCKILY I've been busy with the other cars so I didn't get a chance to strip down the 6000 Mile Civic. WHICH IS NOW FOR SALE!
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So heres where it all started...

I randomly got tagged by a friend of mine on a Facebook post from JDM Auction Watch, they posted a Y56 EK4 SiR going through the Japanese Auctions!


I messaged a friend of mine who imports tonnes of cars from Japan on a regular basis, I asked him to get me more pics and info on the car, turns out it had already gone through and SOLD!. I was wounded to say the least haha.
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A few months later ...

So one night I was bored and scrolling through eBay looking at cars as we all do lol.


The very same Y56 EK4 SiR from the Facebook Post! Turns out a JDM Importer from the Midlands had won the auction that night and had the car shipped over to the UK

I instantly messaged the guy and got some details about the car, the main thing I asked about was the VIN so I could run a CAR VX Report, which is basically an in depth Japanese HPI Check.

So while I was waiting for the Car VX Report to come through which usually takes 24-48 hours I stayed in touch with the seller and also managed to get a quick walk around of the car on a video call.

The car was getting ALOT of interest especially from some potential Irish customers so I couldn't take the risk of letting it slip through my hands again so I sent him a deposit so he could hold the car till I can go to see it. This was pretty stupid on my part, as I usually wait for all the checks to come through before I give any sort of money, but for the sake of £100 I risked it for a biscuit lol

Here's some pictures from the advert...




The following day...

I rushed out of work and got straight on the motorway to go and see the car, about an hour in to the journey i was surprised to see that the Car VX Report I applied for the day before had just come through!

Perfect timing or what!

I had a quick nosey and everything checked out perfect which was a huge relief.

Here's some pics of the car from the Car VX Report...

The car was a Grade 3.5B & lived in Toyko.








Love At First Sight...

So after a 2 hour journey I finally arrived and I was in absolute awe as soon as I saw the car, the car was bone stock drove very well.

I meticulously inspected the car and I was shocked how clean and original this thing was.

It's not 10/10 like a brand new car from the showroom, but it's not far off, I'm more than happy with it. Absolutely perfect base to start from.

So after having a look around the guys other cars (which is a whole story in itself)
We finally shook on it and we finalised the deal!



The car is literally fresh off the boat, so it's not even registered yet, Luckily we had the transport all covered.


Loved every minute following this thing home
Having a clean heart...

Here's something you definitely don't see these days. An all original (minus the battery) Engine bay. Especially in this condition.

Still has the A/C and it blows ice cold, all the hardware around the bay is still Zinc coated from the factory, even has the small foam sound deadening strip for the AC which is mental.

All the lines, bolts, brackets, ancillaries, firewall, subframe are like brand new!
Literally everything is immaculate!

Here's a pic of the bay!

P.s ive not even cleaned it yet!