Type R Diff noise, please help.


Feb 8, 2015
Hey guys,

First of all, I have searched and see there is some info on the forum but don't think this answers my question or anyone posted a solution.

I have a dc2 98 spec box in my SIR, the diff is sometimes making a groaning noise when turning at slow speed, when more than 1 full turn of lock either way. Pretty certain it's coming from the diff (right behind the dash) at my feet.

I changed the box oil to Torco MTF, which is the same viscosity rating as Honda MTF 3! It doesn't seem to have helped the groan, but did improve feel and shifting.

I rang tegiwa (torco oil bought from them) to ask what they thought and they said they didn't know (could possibly be a bearing) as the viscosity rating is the same and it's a good quality oil. It's also what mfactory specify to run if you have a their helical Diff!

I'm at my wits end with this and really worried my diff is getting fu***d. I'm gonna drop the oil (in about 3k) and see what it looks like (particles etc) and then fill it up with the Honda MTF.

Before I do That, has anyone else any other recommendations, before I waste £50 worth of quality gearbox oil?

It's shouldn't need any friction modifier as it's a helical diff.....

Please help :(