1. EkBen

    Ek4 VTI clocks/speedo PFL

    Looking for some EK4 VTI clocks 96-98 (Pre-facelift in MPH) fully working of course, any help in finding one would be appreciated!
  2. coreyxpartridge

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    Today I picked up my first VTI. I've been looking for nearly a year for the right one and this popped up 20 minutes from my house. I'm super, super happy. It's a facelift, EK4 VTI in Super Sonic Blue. I bought the car with some modifications such as Tein coilovers, spoon replica full exhaust...
  3. coreyxpartridge


    Hi guys, I am looking for a EK4 VTI, preface sedan 4door or hatch back. I am located in Exeter, Devon but will travel for the right one. I have cash waiting. Cheers Corey
  4. hek4

    Tein street advance on EK4/9 -pic request

    Is anybody running Tein Street Advance on Civic Ek4/9? Can you help me with some pics? I would buy these coilovers but I am a little bit afraid of the spring rates (6 kg front, 3 kg rear). Also I was not able to find out how low you can get with these coilovers. The recommended drop seems to be...
  5. hek4

    Civic EK4: Tein Street Advance vs Progress CS II

    Hi guys! I have to choose between the coilovers from the title. I do not track my car, but also I have one more car, so I don't mind if the the setup is a little bit stiff. The specs for them: TEIN: *SPRING RATE: 6 front, 3 rear (linear) • Steel Construction • Twin Tube internal construction...
  6. akeen666

    Civic Ek 98 bonnet

    Im looking for a bonnet for my Civic EK. Anyone has one for sale ?
  7. EkBen

    Track SSB EK4 kanjo inspired

    Hello all, I'm Ben, 19 years old. I have always been a car enthusiast but the last few years I have grown to adore jap cars and one manufacturer in particular being HONDA! So after passing my driving test about 6 months ago I bought this sorry looking ej9 as my first car the same week. It was...
  8. SeanLai7

    Facelift Civic EK4 SiR Project

    Hi everyone, been meaning to do this for a while now as I haven't posted a build thread since I first got my EM1 but I've decided to start a new one on my recently purchased Tafetta White EK4 SiR, the car is fairly standard and was happy buying it that way as it gives me more of a blank project...
  9. pr0gre551ve

    WTB: Cusco roll cage (CIVIC 96-00, 3dr)

    YO! want to buy a 6-points roll cage by Cusco. 4 points may be welcomed 2. Can be new* or 2.nd hand.. can have some scratches, but please just make sure that is not damaged! Chromoly material only. -Offers please contact me with PM or carving.jdm@gmail.com
  10. W

    EK4 steering rack

    Hello, I know it's mainly rhd forum ;) but maybe somebody have lhd version of steering rack for EK4 in good shape for sale ? or know where to buy it ? thanks in advance