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    Private plates.... So confused

    Have one which you can keep for ages. N8 BTG is cool, but something like N8URB would be better no? That's if you are a fan of the ring.
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    Gym/Fitness thread

    USN Hyperbolic Mass for me. That really helped me bulk up. Just make sure you drink a lot of water with it. Been ill recently so lost quite a lot of weight. Going to try get into working out again, i'm a very hard gainer, but when I do gain, man I make them gainzz.
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    The knob who crashed his dc2...after 1 week

    Glad to know you're ok. A hard lesson learnt. If you don't know the road, never drive fast on it. It'll only end in tears.
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    MY 1992 JDM 4DR EG9 SiR Ferio (K20 update)

    Looking good. It'll probably lift the rear wheels up when stopping now. :D
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    People's take is that the way animals are slaughtered for Halal meat is ruthless. Yet killing is killing in peoples eyes. Whether it be with a gun, stunned, or cut with a knife. It's a non issue which the media is making a big deal of. Nothing new when it comes to Islam.
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    Accord euro R

    Those are the pictures from the add? Have you bought it then or just looking?
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    Accord euro R

    If it's the one in Bradford, it sounds ace and goes well too. With a £10.5k budget you could get a much better car.
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    DC2 has landed in the UK!

    CL1/CL7 - That is all.
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    Project milano red dc2

    Too much boost?
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    Very dissapointed in Hond-r now...

    lol civiclife - says it all really.
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    Why did I sell my Ek9???

    Can't have it all eh? I like cars with character, seems these days it's all about 0-60/bhp/nurburgring lap times. An enthusiast knows, if a car makes them grin every time they drive it. It's the best car for them. That's how I look at it.
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    Gutted! :nono:

    A guy on another forum I visit got his ep3 hit. Only front wing/bumper/headlight damage. Insurers wrote it off. Any excuse to get a vtec honda off the roads as that then brings the prices up to insure them. If they do write it off, buy it back. If you want to repair and sell it, do so, but you...
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    Bradford 14/03

    White ek9 - couldn't catch the numberplate something like b18vtc or something. Anyone on here? Westgate town centre.
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    Gutted! :nono:

    I reckon they'll write that off.
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    MY 1992 JDM 4DR EG9 SiR Ferio (K20 update)

    Is your mate a Giant? :)) Car looks great!