1. akeen666

    Civic Ek 98 bonnet

    Im looking for a bonnet for my Civic EK. Anyone has one for sale ?
  2. Vtex

    Shaving ek9/dc2 calipers

    Any one have any pictures of how they had to shave their 282 ITR/CTR etc. front calipers to fit over standard VTI fans or other similar 15" alloys? Vtex
  3. Meeky


    Looking for Ek9 facelift model headlights and ek9 boot spoiler or wing need to be posted to in me in the UK Belfast if anyone has this can pay with PayPal, also looking recaro seats and any bit to make a ek9 rep, thank for taking time to read this.
  4. Travaglino


    Hi guys I am looking for a EK9, someone has one for sale or know where I could find one? Thank you!!
  5. pr0gre551ve

    WTB: Cusco roll cage (CIVIC 96-00, 3dr)

    YO! want to buy a 6-points roll cage by Cusco. 4 points may be welcomed 2. Can be new* or 2.nd hand.. can have some scratches, but please just make sure that is not damaged! Chromoly material only. -Offers please contact me with PM or carving.jdm@gmail.com
  6. P

    EK9 rear lip + spoiler + grill

    Hello folks. I'm looking for a rear lip, spoiler and grill for an EK9 facelift. Anyone? Thanks!
  7. LukeVSM9

    Lukes 97 VSM EK9 Restoration

    Well! I'm newbie to this site but I thought my current build might be worth sharing. I am a pure Honda head since I can remember and I've always that a thing for the EK! Up until now I've owned a few EK hatches, but this time it's the one! I've recently purchased a 97 VSM EK9 here in Ireland...
  8. pr0gre551ve

    WTB: "EK9" HOP wing baseplate

    Looking for a genuine Honda wing baseplate from EK9, Seeker baseplate will be welcomed too. Please no bad replicas of fakes. Just popped me a PM or carving.jdm@gmail.com
  9. argel24

    AE Garage's EK9 Project

    UPDATE (8-24-'17): I have decided to build my EK. Decided to go N/A. Check out my updates below. AE Garage Yellow EK9 by argel24 posted Aug 24, 2017 at 9:29 AM Hi! I'm Argel from the Philippines. I've been a reader of this forum and trust me it helped me a lot even if it is not about a hatch...