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  • Hey blinx I was wondering if we can have an official thread for rolling shots as i feel they are really cool pics. :)
    Hi Blinx I've heard you've got allot of knowledge of Honda and I'm hoping of getting help on a turbo for my ek with a 18c4 engine. I'm am going to change all internals but looking to have a very quik civic for track and road. i want a turbo that can spool up quick lets say 3500 rpm or 4000rpm but looking at allot of power say about 350 or 400+ but i don't want my to be spinning all over which will slow me down. my mate has a ek9 turbo about 460 bhp and he's running a Garrett GT35r but i wanna go quicker than him besides he spins allot but he's really fast. can you give me any advise on a which Garrett ball bearing turbo I can use with no lag? Many thanks mate.
    Hi, could you please let me know if I can install Civic Type R EP3 front calipers (16CL16VN) in my 97' Civic EK4 sedan VTI, with stock 15" wheels, and Prelude 11.1" rotors?
    Thanks in advance.
    Hi blinx. I have read up many different opinions about this but trust yours to be right. Basically had a UK NON-abs ej9 front discs 260 and rear drums. Converted to 280mm front and 260mm rear. What proportioning valve do i need if its not the same? Where does it say the ratio? many thanks kind regards Dave
    hey blinx, im figuring it out if im gonna choose eg instead of ek? can u help me out. im confused dude.. i need ur suggestions..
    hey blinx.. i was wondering.. what year and model was your hatch when you got it and for how much?
    Hi blinx i was wondering if u would kindly help me out? I am currently in talks with a guy on here who is selling a Dc5 steering wheel. I have a 99 1.4 civic and just wondering do u know if this wheel would fit my civic? without any complications
    hello i was wondering if you can help me. i have a b16a2 and for some reason my car is starting to bog a bit and idling is like jumping a bit, thanks
    :dance:well i just put in my vote! thanks for considering the idea it would be helpful! i went through almost all 45 pages within the exaust and intake section and the same questions were repeatidly asked lol:thanks:
    hey i see you've made alot of the stickys for the engine threads, is there anyway u can make one for exhaust manifolds? i see people keep bringing up the same questions about the vibrant, toda and other exhaust manifolds would be cool thnx
    it wont end up like a race car right? could you recommend me the types of parts i needed, ecu, turbo, etc thanks
    blinx, iv been reading topics under forced induction, and i can see that you really know alot. Need your advice.. i have this stock b16a engine, and im planning to have it turboed, its a daily driven car, and im aiming for 280-300hp, with a garett turbo kit. Is it possible? really need your help. thankyou sir
    hi blinx..maybe this link would help some
    What Can Your Honda's Vehicle Identification Number Tell You?
    give it a check..:)
    im jaz wondering what does ek stands for? or does it mean something...
    hi blinx im jaz wondering if theres a thread here about how to tuck in all the hoses and wire in the engine bay?
    sir gudafternoon i'm asking some question,if the engine was humming what should i do?my engine is b16a.thank you
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