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  • Hey man hows it going? Im kinda new to dis site and everywhere i look your name is there... So i figured your the best person to ask!
    when my 9 is idling i can hear this kind of grating and whining noise... but then when i engage the clutch, this noise disappears and my car idles perfect! this noise is there through 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear but from there on i am unable to tell as i cannot hear with the noise of the car and the traction!!
    it does not sound 1 bit healthy and most of all i am worried i could be doing damage!!
    Please let me know anything you do!! and if you have ever experienced this what kind of cost am i looking at...
    let me know if you can...
    cheers mate
    can u give me a suggestion of maybe a site to buy cheap stuff and a header that u suggest for around 250 for the b16b, thanks man.
    hey man, just wondering if u new a good site to buy minor mods for the b16b, i was also thinking about getting this header, would be nice if you could just give me a quick ok that its a good one for that price range, or what would be better, thanks man. Import Horizon Your Source For Import Performance Parts and Accessories
    Hey whats up dude... Quick question for you... I read up on the million post that people put up about that pcv catch can.. Maybe you can clear it up for me.. I am buying a catch can from I am going turbo. I understand that you have to hook up the to hoses to the rear of the block on a b16, but what do i do with the valve cover port that is hooked up to the intake, and the port that is on the intake manafold that went to the black box.. Do i run a hose from the valve cover to the intake manafold.....Please let me know thanks...
    Hi blinx, sorry to bother you but you seem to be very knowledgeable about ctrs, i have a quick question, can a p30 ecu be chipped to work with the b16b?, p30 comes from a civic sir, i've looked everywhere and i only found one post that said that " it wont open the secondary butterflies" do you know if its thats true or it would work fine?
    thanks in advance
    Its civic coupe 96-98 interiors are the same size with ek9? if not which parts can we swap it? its the rear side panel same with ek9?
    hi blinx , i have just joined the forum but i have been reading topics on this site for months now and understand your the man to talk to about turboing b series ... i have an ek4 vti b16a2. i am looking to turbo in the future but want some advice on what to do whether to leave it stock and run low boost or go fully forged and what parts i would need .. my goals are around 250 whp and the mods i already have are magnaflow system , decat and aem short ram intake. hope you can help

    cheers lev
    Yep, I understand mate. I see that it does say that. I just thought I'd bring it up as every other forum I use has a seperate forum for listing just cars for sale whether it be private or trade cars for sale, but generally the parts for sale and cars for sale are in 2 different forums to keep it simple and easy to use for both the seller and the general viewing.

    Just my 2p's worth, I understand if you both decide to keep it as it is.

    Cheers mate,
    I see what your saying blinx but any joe public that visits the site may think that the only cars for sale are going to be in 'cars for sale' section and not look on the general for sale section. I appreciate that it's in that particular section but wouldn't of be an idea to change that to 'Trade cars for sale' and have a 'Private cars for sale' section seperate to the 'For sale' section?
    Hey blinx,

    What is the reason i can't post my car up for sale in the 'Cars for sale section'?

    Seems weird anyone can post items for sale in the general for sale section but can't post a thread for their car?

    hey blinx im new to this sight and am lookng to do a k swap on my EK any thoughts or tips (things needed ect.... all i know is the rack n pinion have to come off an EG but im in the dark help me out thanks man
    hi blinx, hope you can answer this for me since i've looked everywhere for an answer but no luck, what happens or not, when using a p30 ecu( sir ecu) on a b16b engine?
    hey blinx i remember seeing a pic of your car somewhere and was just wondering what color code it is, it really looks good and i want something similar :D
    i just sarted my b16b with obd1 ecu arness distributor and the engine locks like a boxer engine working its not a cilinder failiur
    Hi you doin mate

    i wanna ask you a Question:nice:

    i got B18c5 motor fitted into my Coupe and im still not happy with power!

    my friend waz talking about Aftermarket Cams:secret:

    and i think u are only person who know alot about B motors.

    Btw i waz reading about Skunk2 Stg2 any idea if there good do i have to get S2 cam gears as well?

    i can show u Pix of my car even a video lol i made

    thank you :D
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