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  • hi im selling ek9 type r if you no anyone after one, firber glass wings, firber glass bonnet, firber glass boot,too much to list, photos on my page bud.. thanks
    hi man seen your tread i just done an identical swap:)) the only trouble i have now is the clutch wont engage just wondering did you have the same trouble ??
    Did you fit new IACV? they seem to do that as normal, hold the revs up slightly for a couple of seconds when coming to a halt. 1500rpm does sound a little high though. When fully warm you should be idling around 750-800rpm
    Yeah it's looking that way. A new IACV will be expensive. You could chance a used one it's up to yourself mate.
    Sounds like you have a vac leak. Did you remove any of the vac pipes around t.b when replacing gasket? With it running run you finger around where t.b meets intake manifold and see can you feel it sucking air you may also find if there is a spot not sealing when you cover it with your finger the idle may improve.
    hey hows you. ye i put the ctr springs and retainers in when fitted the cams. and yes i would recomend changing the springs as the b16a only has dubble v/springs on the one side im sure its on the inlet side if not its the exhaust lol
    Sorry bro i don't like to get too much into the whole diagnosing problems with cars thing, its not my strong point, thats more what a mechanic does, I'm more into the performance aspect of things, good luck with your issue.
    Hey. I used High Temp paint (Forgot the brand) And no it won't flake on you. Just prep. it right, like clean the block before you spray it. BUT I do recommend that once your engine is painted, If you do decide to clean it, I highly suggest you clean it with soap and water. Degreaser WILL remove the paint.:nono:
    Hey man, nah i had to use ek9 rails. They bolt directly onto the dc5 recaro seats and the rails obviously fit into all 96-00 2/3/4dr civics so no messing about. Hope this helps.
    Hi mate,

    Yeh the seat will fit, but I wouldn't feel happy with only 3/4 bolts lined up, especially in the case of a crash! You can modify the Integra rail so that the 4th bolt lines up, just requires a bit of cutting and some nice large washers I believe :)
    Hi thankz for replying on my thread ... umm i was wondering is there any difference like in power again for the CTR cams and the ITR Cams? and if i do change my cams do i need like a better ECU for it ? sorry to brother you i'm still need to mods and cars
    yes its a very good mod to do. you really notice the gains. the ITR cams aint as agressive as the CTR cams so the ctr cams are the ones to go for
    hows it going bud. im a big fan of the ctr cams into the b16a2 was shocked with the gains i got. even bottom end of the revs there is far more torque much easyer to drive, mid range there is far more pull then once u hit v-tec there is a big pop and the v-tec is instant power rather than progressive. top end power is much better and more aggresive and the sound is awsume u get a real rip from it. its a well worth doing mod
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