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  • hi blinx im new to the site so i am and i see you no alot about civic I would just like to no what bhp u can put into an ek9 with out any internal work??? any info would be great
    well i lived in LA i just moved out i use to run GMR angeles crest and turnbull =]

    theres a local shop but i havent heard anything about any local forums =[
    ha typical stuff? hahah what are of california do you live in?

    im living in oregon now and tuner in thise state are a failure
    it was easy right? all u had to drill was middle vent of the bumper? i might buy the same one off ebay
    can you check this link out to see if i'm looking to buy the right bracket. cause this is all i see on ebay. thanks
    hey blinx. do you know what the plate holder/mount is called? (the one that attaches to the left or either right of your front bumper) i dont think its held up by screwed holes in the bumper. it seems like you can just slap it on and it'll stay. thanks
    hi blinx; this is regarding about my engine giving out tat woosshhpsshhh sound.

    when it happen to u; were u having any sign of engine troubles? i mean y issit a normal thing??

    kinda worried; as i m not free lately to check up n i m using the car everyday.
    i felt no lost in power tho ; tats lucky me; instead i felt good with the psshsh noise LOL..

    but still i m worried. please enlighten me; tq :)
    alryt mate i messaged ya a while back about gettin an ek9 turbo'd...i live in the UK and having real trouble finding a honda specialist to do it there anywhere good in the USA over your end that cud do it? im after 400whp and sumthin that i can use everyday that retains reliability if thats possible...i wud be interested in ur civic if it werent left hand drive sorry :(...but if there any similar spec to yours right hand drive i wud snap it up...or if theres any1 over there who cud build me an engine to that spec and ship it 2 me? cud u find me a price out mate? i wud be ever so grateful ta, rich.
    hi mate, u sent me a rough price on turbo'ing an u know anywhere in the UK that cud do this 4 me? i take it the car is in the states bein left hand drive etc...otherwise i would be seriously interested lol...let me know if u got any advise mate, thanks.
    Hi blinx i would like to ask you a question cos i think you might be of good help. Here in malta we have loads of honda fans. Thus i have decided to open a honda shop.. Meaning Honda spares, accessories, tuning parts, engines etc.. Do you know any good websites or brands which you would recommend please?

    Many thanks,

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