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  • Hi i am currently in the same position as Gmichie user. I want to be able to run 9-10 sec 1/4 mile. I have a budget of 6k. The ek9 has the b16b with 145k mugen twin loop cat back and mugen short ram full skunk 2 pro kit suspension and that's it. I want this vehicle to be reliable which may sound crazy but I don't want it in and out of the garage. It will be a weekend toy and nothing more.

    Thanks Gary
    Hi, I'm a newbie on here, going to be getting a type r ek9 in the next couple months, and with the spare cash, I'm looking to turbo it. I'm wanting about 250 with possibility to go to 300bhp. Just wanted your opinion on what turbo to get?
    I've heard of a few turbo kits around, but unsure of the best one I should get? Looking at about 3k budget, but don't mind waiting a few extra weeks to save up another few hundred quid if it's worth it!
    I've heard Ricky at Racetech is a good option, with the updated kit, that can handle 500bhp.
    Also what type of upgrades should I do the the engine? Updated head gasket, fuel pump, injectors ect?
    Any advice is helpfull.
    Thanks, Gary
    Hi Blinx, im currently busy with my build, however cant seem to settle on the exhaust manifold size as its for a b20 vtec with high comp. Please can you advise, Im looking just for the header size.

    Hows things bro been away for a while.... but lining up for a nice build soon, finally finished uni and working as a calibration engineer in ford uk now!! :), still thinkin about the b18 turbo idea....hope all is good!
    u alright mate,

    heard your the man for turbos in hondas...basically wanted to turbo my b16a with either a evo 8 gsr turbo or a t3/t4 what do you think? want to make about 300whp
    hi ma8e its mohammed im after interior plastics for my jordon facelife model if u cud text me let me knw as i dnt get tym to gt on here thanks my number is 07759807466 regards mohammed
    hi, i was wondering if you still have the cerwin vega al1000 speakers for sale? i saw you posted an ad on cerwin vega fans which i am a meenber. i live in socal please get back to me, thanks.
    sorry just another few questions, what sort of power can the stock crank hold, or will this need upgraded, id be aiming around 350 400 bhp, can it withstand that? will the stock valves be ok or would i need sodium filled valves? finally ive heard of an american company that are good for turbo kits, full race? have u had any experience with them?
    Big FMIC with hardpipes
    Wastegate (Tial 44mm recommened by you)
    BOV (tial 50mm recommened by you)
    750cc fuel injectors
    Engine management system (AEM recommened by you)
    Walbro Fuel pump
    ARP Head studs
    at least 1.3mm head gasket
    Low compression pistons maybe b18c piston or buy forged ones, and maybe forged rods
    Boost controller
    Boost gauge
    Fuel pressure Gauge
    Uprated brakes
    Uprated CLutch
    Straight through exhaust with no cat
    Cold air induction kit
    Spark plugs (ngk bkr7eix recommened by you)
    Aem fuel rail
    Oil catch tank
    Water injection

    From the advice ive gatheed and the projects ive read this list seems to cover all basis to carry out this conversion and ive put in items that u specfically recommened to see if you still do..

    So any advice on this list, wether ive left stuff out, some that isnt necessary or whatever it maybe will be grealty appreciated.

    Arnie, Omagh, Northern Ireland
    Hello, im new to this forum but ive read your two threads on your turbo conversion and a few other peoples on different forums and asked alot of advice. Im thinking of doing this also, except i cant get insurance on the b16a engine due to my age so im going to buy a 1.4 and put the b16a engine into and turbo it at the same time.. ino its more work and money but its my only option. From reading your threads i have came up off a list off things needed for the conversion, to be safe but also get good gains. i was wondering if you could take the time to get a quick look at the list and see if anything is left out, isnt needed or just needs changed. it would be greatly aprrecited as i then can start researching the price it will take to cary it out to see if its feasible or not. Heres the list.
    So obviously i have to buy the b16a lump
    turbo (gt3071r recommened by you)
    Turbo manifold (meutek recommened by you)
    Custom downpipe
    Continued in next message
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