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    Miranda Kerr Strapless Pencil Dress

    Heading to the Beverly Club for the Victoria's Secret after-show party, Miranda Kerr in a white bandage dress, showing off breast in sweetheart neckline, without any other decorations, she looks like an angel in dark, gentle and neat.
    Also i can reopen that thread for you temporarily so you can copy and past all your links over to your new notepad, lmk. and please no hard feelings.
    Sorry bro that random link thread had to go, have you considered using an online notepad or blog instead? This is not really a forum is for, you can't use a thread as your personal notepad as it distracts users. I do understand you want to be able to access these links from anywhere hence you storing them online, but if you open a blog somewhere you can do this too Try this: Online Notepad
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