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  • Hi, i have a 2000 rx ek9, just wondering how mush you would give me for it if you would want it, i can list the spec for you if your interested, cheers Tom
    i left a voicemail on your number if you could give me a ring back on that number about those headlights thanks dave here
    alright lads do yas know anyone that has a civic typer 00 facelift front bumper for sale i dont need the grill or the lip just the bumper silver preferably but any colour i will accept as i will be spraying it silver if could get back to me asap thanks
    Cool i'm looking for a c/w white one.
    Arr i see, when do you reckon you'll be looking too bring them over by?
    Oh i have just purchased a black one and also a modded white one. I am currently looking for about 4 to bring over.
    Hi Dunk been on your website, other than the one 9 you have coming in with the bonnet, when will you be getting some more in? Thanks
    Hi there,
    I tired to pm you but wouldn't let me, noticed you said you had some rays lugs, are they the ones on japfastcars.com 18quid if so i'll take them.
    Hi Dean
    All me cars are on fastjapcars.com and i have one at the moment for £5750 but has got Honda Integra grey wheels. These are easy enough to change back.
    Feel free to call me on 07867 900543.
    Thanks Duncan
    Hi Duncan

    Been looking at ek9's for a while now bud, got about 5k - 6k to spend, not fussed on facelift or pre face lift, ideally CW, would prefer Standard Wheels. What could you get me
    Cant send pm's due to only having 16 post's,

    Thanks Dean
    Hi have some bits here FastJapCars.Com :: For Sale :: Garage clear out LOTS of odd*Aftermarket bits i also have a FEEL'S 4-2-1 and a APEXi N1 cat back not listed yet.
    Cheers Dunx
    hello dude would you be able to help me ive got a ek4 b16a and am after a exhaust manifold would you be able to send a link were can find one many thanks
    Hi Duncan,
    I sent a PM and was not sure if it had come through. If not I will sent another.
    Hi duncan
    Can i buy the double din blanking plate from you . The one without the holes in
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