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    Black EK9 Type Rx for sale

    I have been looking in Japan to maybe bring a couple of ek9’s over. Dunx
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    Garage Clearout (OEM EK9, B16 & B18 Parts)

    Hi Mate Long time no speak :) I'm after the set of HT leads and a decent rear engine mount please. Dunx
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    Who's still about?

    It is nice to see a few of the familiar old names still here and still with an ek9. Well done.
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    What's it worth rare gathers carbon integra type r tape deck and CD player

    If anyone needs one i think i have a remote for it.
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    Whats on your wish list for your ek9?

    Garage for mine, Just finished it yesterday and parked up in the dry now :)
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    Nurburgring - Whos Going And When

    I'm of to NUR 6th August, haven't made up my mind which Honda to take over; the EF7 CRX or EK9.
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    Help me find my old car

    Reg certainly looks familiar. Have you asked some of the breakers? I do hope you find it?
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    What sort of price

    I keep looking to start bringing a few over again but they are just too expensive. As mentioned above, from about £7k. Dunx
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    Who's still about?

    Wow still a lot of the old names kicking about on here. Hi people :) I have got one of my old mint ek9's back to keep, virtually standard as well. Am I one of the first/original owners then. Got my first 9 back on New Year's Eve 00/01? (that makes me sound old :0)
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    Help me find my old car

    What's the full reg? Dunx
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    I poss need the centre rear mount mate. Must be in good condition though. Dunx
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    ek9 wheel spacer

    Sorry for slow reply. I have some 10mm, 5mm and 3mm. Txt me on 07867 900543 if you need any. Cheers Dunx
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    2000 EK9 Type-Rx

    Still looking good, one i imported:) Dunx
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    ek9 wheel spacer

    I think i have some off of a ek9 mate. Dunx
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    Parts For Sale

    Hi I'm after OEM HT leads, pre facelift lower stereo pocket, oil cap, dc2/ek9 steering wheel (boss not needed), oem ek9 exhaust, throttle cable bulk head bracket (one nearer battery), prefacelift central locking relay. Cheers Dunx