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  • Hi there, i seen in one off your adds you had a yellow civic hatch, looks like you where doing some work on her tail lights where out. is it for sale? or have you got any nice civic vtecs for sale at the moment? thanks
    Afternoon Dunx, do you ever think you'll start importing EK9's again? Hardly any good one's about these days and all the best one's are being held on too!
    Hi can anyone help me out with original Jordan stickers and bumble bee sticker?thanks
    I had some made up, I could put you in contact with the company if you want. They were a near perfect copy of the side decals.
    Hi Dunk. I've just joined this forum. I'm trying to sell my DC5 at the minute and had a recommendation to use yourself to import a EK9. What price would I be looking at for one under 70k miles, facelift, championship white with red or black interior? Not written off and a good grade. Thanks.
    Hi Dunx,

    Are you still importing EK9s? Potentially looking to buy one. Would prefer a Phoenix Yellow unmodified example if you know of any?


    Looks quite good, seems a decent price for that mileage and the wheels are worth £600+ on there own.
    Hi Duncan. Maybe was luck you didnt get the black one because i just got one From Nagoya white 1999. Check my profile ;-)
    Hi, I'll take it your not wanting to sell me your boss/spline for the ek9 wheel? No worries if not, will probably end up buying a new wheel with a boss on it. Thanks
    Well I sell mine for a bit of a premium as I put a lot of time and money into my cars to make them spot on. I think it was about £6500.
    Hi, Just wanted to ask you how much you got for your yellow ek9 ? I wanted to know how much they are worth ?

    Emailed you my address dunk as i still crnt PM you at the moment :(.

    i sent it to the email you have connected to your paypal account i hope this is ok mate.
    Hi dunk it wont let me PM you -_-, Iv sent the money for the badges, If you can just confirm they are New OEM EK9 badges front and back , if so il email you my address if i can lol.

    Well I just had that fresh imported ek9 delivered to Aberdeen last week, cost £350. So I could finish the 40k one I have now and send it up to you.
    You happen to be the opposite side of the world as i live in Inverness. So basically need to be almost certain in the quality of the car due to travel.
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