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  • hi m8 intresdted in your 9 could u drop me a number to give u a call on or drop u a text make it abit easier to chatt

    thanks chris

    Jessica Biel loped in the street

    Jessica Biel pulled her tight sweaters when she walked in the street. She looks great. She was loping along the road. The skinny pants and the chunky Shoes of Jessica Biel matched perfectly on her. These shoes have a heel height of 9cm. but they look comfortable.
    yes mate, bought it about a month ago now :) needs a bit of work but i got it seriously cheap from a lad on here up in scotland, just need to get my S300 installed on it for maximum launch control fun ;)
    you still got yours? how is it ?
    hello my friend! my name is vlasis and i'm from greece . can you do me a favour ? i would like you to tell me how i can find the "logo" from "ek9.org" . I am asking you because i want to make it sticker and put it in my car . If it is possible please send it to me . Thank you very much !
    You up for a meet 15th August? Meet at brundall services again, then go for a blast. Would prob be latter in the day.

    wot are u doing online u phlange lol...good news we mite be getting jason on track in his dc5:)
    would you please hurry up and get ur 9 sorted out?we need another honda 2 add to the group!cant wait to have mine back...hoping it lasts a little bit longer than last time!
    fred should be able to have the coilovers mid april. should have my car back on the 10 cant wait. then less that a month to get it road worthy so i can get it on track for the 1may. love it....
    it was rather a dream i agree.i cant believe everyone is getting hondas around here...its fantastic!we need 2 get ur car priced to sell mate so you can just hop on and get one urself ready for the track in june!live life in the v-tec lane mate.
    ello buddy trackday was awesome, pants drive home tho!!! any luck on getting rid of the clio yet?
    Yeah i have changed all you said apart from the leads and the dizzy in the last 6 months. I have changed the standard springs for the best prings on the market SPOON ones. Just to let you no though i dont no if im def going to be selling cause i was going to get a dc2 but the insurance is a bit steep so i might tune the ek9 but im not sure yet so will keep you posted. cheers Tom.
    yer that was me thought id have lil play with you lol my mate bought my old car was so sad to see it go but i couldnt keep both on my drive if i could i would have kept it. im sure your clio has plenty of poke in it? pm'd
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