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  • hey moon saw your post abt the caliper upgrade ,,can you help me out plz,,tryin to put an r33 one ,,need more info abt the bracket and if i kan use the r33 rotor as well

    thxs man
    i already gave her a new sets of plug spark :)

    currently using motul htech 100plus 5w-30

    thought of trying out Mobil 1 EP 5w-30 a try.

    have u come across this 2 oil??

    which would u recon? the spec for the mobils seems better den the current motul which i m using :)

    wat say u? :p
    no my engine was in pristine condition at the time, i had compression numbers of 235psi across all four cylinders, i personally thing the sound is comming from the transmission or possible the air being forced out of the intake filter when the throttle body is slammed shut and the velocity comes to a quick halt. If you are worried just give you baby some love, an oil change new plugs etc... :)
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