1. D

    Accord type r springs on ek

    Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to use accord type r springs on a ek? I'm thinking of doing an F23 swap but I really don't know what to use for suspension. I was thinking of dc2 springs with bilstein b6 but feedback on itr forum is that h22 dc2 with stock springs handle like crap. So now...
  2. Vtex

    Type R Diff noise, please help.

    Hey guys, First of all, I have searched and see there is some info on the forum but don't think this answers my question or anyone posted a solution. I have a dc2 98 spec box in my SIR, the diff is sometimes making a groaning noise when turning at slow speed, when more than 1 full turn of lock...
  3. Vtex

    Shaving ek9/dc2 calipers

    Any one have any pictures of how they had to shave their 282 ITR/CTR etc. front calipers to fit over standard VTI fans or other similar 15" alloys? Vtex