1. AjaxGixx

    Planning to rebuild a B16

    Good day everyone, after 270.000 kilometers, I'm planning to rebuild my B16A2. My optimistic vision wants to build an affordablish engine with the power of a spicy B16B, or maybe, near to a B18C (I know will not be the same thing, but...). Even so I want to put an LSD and I'am a little bit...
  2. S

    VTEC engines on Alibaba

    Hi there I'm new to this forum. I don't own an EK9 or any Honda however I'm a big fan and hope to own one. I was just browsing Honda stuff online I stumbled on Honda engines for sale on Alibaba from sellers in Malaysia. are these sellers legit and would it be worth buying engines off there? I'll...
  3. King Sir

    Help With turbo Build Please

    Well lads :nice: In process of building a b16 turbo im going to list what i have i would appreciate if ye could help me with the list :nono: My goal is 280-300bhp Standard internals Cheers to anyone that helps. Heres what i have b16a2 with new headgasket TB Oil pump Water pump and all...
  4. Vtex

    Type R Diff noise, please help.

    Hey guys, First of all, I have searched and see there is some info on the forum but don't think this answers my question or anyone posted a solution. I have a dc2 98 spec box in my SIR, the diff is sometimes making a groaning noise when turning at slow speed, when more than 1 full turn of lock...
  5. MJ_B16A

    Ek4 SiR

    Well lads, new to this forum although been researching on it for years, now that I'm somewhat finished building my civic ,I said I'd join . Lot of info here and I want to make use of the "for sale" section as I'm finding it hard to get parts. But most of all some of the oldest veteran honda...
  6. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Hi all, first post on here, i used to use civic life quite abit and I'm abit wounded i lost all my old build thread on there, i use this site quite a lot and see its still very active, so i thought its about time i actually posted and started a new build thread. So the story so far... Ive...
  7. Ianeg89

    Old Eg Coupe owner

    Hi lads been a long time follower of ek9.org and finally decided to sign up. Former owner of an Eg Coupe and big honda fan. Just said I would say Hello and keep up the good work promoting the Honda scene.
  8. terribleoness

    B16A2/EJ9 power steering issue

    Hi guys, Relatively urgent one this, got an MOT on Monday. I've been searching through the forum to find something that'll help me with this but I'm not having much luck. Ive got an B16A2 engine in an EJ9, with an EJ9 steering rack still fitted. The whole power steering system has been pretty...
  9. King Sir

    D series questions

    Been a b series head for years but iv ventured into the wonderful world of d series. (probably think im goin backwards but i like em) I want to turbo my d series and i have the standard eco tec box on it at the mo with the long ratios. I have a short ratio box off a d14 at home i was...
  10. Camy-rex

    hey guys :)

    so iv been on here for a few months, and only just gettin round to sayin hi :L , located in central scotland iv got a 1990 mk2 crx zc in flint black, gutted out, caged and sittin in the garage :L currently with half and engine and no front end as im planning to put a b16a2 or b18c4 in it, check...
  11. Vtex

    Ek9 spoiler

    As per title. Genuine Ek9 roof spoiler wanted.
  12. terribleoness

    Another B-Series EJ9

    Hey, newby here but have always lurked the forum on a somewhat frequent basis. This is my first Honda, and it was never intended to be anything more than a run-around when I bought it last August. At the time I was convinced I was gonna totally refresh the MX5 I'd been driving; refurb the...
  13. slybuthigh

    B16 ignition timing, any thoughts?

    hey everyone! I have a jdm ek4 sir and it goes well. I recently checked the ignition timing and found it set to 10 btdc. Obviously they are set to 16+-2 btdc across the range as far as I'm aware. Any ways I set it to 16 btdc and feel it doesn't have the pull it used too. I know I can just put it...