Seat Bolster Repair Guide

The doc is over 10MB so if your browser doesn't want to open it just right click > Save As... :)

i have foam from capital seating to do 1 seat (both bolsters) if anyones interested, i no longer need them

£50 collected
i have set of bolsters (2 sections) brand new from capital seating ill do for £45 posted
Any one in here know where I can get the replacement parts for the Recaro Seats for the EK9 from in the USA?
Please PM if you have any info. Thanks in advance.
Quality guide this mate, nice one.

When I've got a bit of cash I'm going to get this done on my tatty DC2 black Recaros as they're a ******* mess, the bolsters on both seats are shagged.

This combined with the guide I read for cleaning the seats themselves...sorted!

Good stuff - thank you!