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Aug 28, 1986 (Age: 32)

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Active Member, 32, from Birmingham

Selling up ;( ... Nov 18, 2017

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Jan 7, 2018
    1. Rich777
      Selling up ;( ...
    2. Rich777
      Selling up..
    3. eg2_portuga
      Happy birthday mate....
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    4. Rich777
      The badgers cock has stopped swinging ???
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    5. Vtec6000
      Cheers mate:nice:
    6. Rich777
      Waz up v1s1taz ? St0p b33n n0s3y an spy1n 0n ma h0m3 pag3 1n1t. :P
    7. Vtec6000
      lol on way Mr.Rich
    8. Rich777
      Hi Josh

      Sorry i have took so long to get back to you ive been really busy. I think you should hit the 200bhp mark thats a really good setup. What compression ratio do you need to run those jun cams ?

      About the stroking, well ime a lucky fu*#er because ive managed to find a jap B18C block off a DC2 with crank, rods and pistons ! ! ! !. The bloke told me its burning oil thow, Its probably just the piston rings not a big deal. The worst case senario i will have to get the cylinder bored a bit which ime not really that botherd about.
    9. Joshm88
      Hi mate,

      Just realised I never replied to your last message, whoops! You ok? Nearly got everything now from Japan, just waiting on the Jun Auto cams as Bazza said they are being 'made up' a the moment.... :)

      I'm not really sure what to expect from the car power wise, ultimately I want to push around the 200bhp mark, but that might be ambitious without head Porting. Might be a job for the future! Can't wait to play around with that Hondata S300 though, full throttle shifting and launch control, going to be fun :drive: .

      You thought anymore about upgrading your cams/stroking your engine yet? Oh and get a digital camera, want to see your car! :P

      I'm going to put up a thread with pics of my build soon as I get one HUUUGE delivery :nice:
    10. Joshm88
      Hi Rich,

      You alrite? Engine build is still pending actually, spent a fortune on the following, just waiting for it all to arrive from Japan before I get to work :) I've moved away from the Jenvey TB's and gone for a Ported Intake Manifold and a short ram intake w/cold air feed.

      Bought so far:

      B16A Tranny (re-built) and fitted with Cusco 1.5 LSD
      EK9 red cam cover
      Jun Auto Stage 2 Camshaft kit, valve springs, retainers and Cam gears
      J's Racing 65mm Throttle Body
      J's Racing Tsuchinoko air intake
      Ported and Flowed ITR DC2 intake manifold
      EK9 engine mounts
      Exedy 4.16kg Lightweight flywheel
      Hondata S300 ECU (to be dyno tuned and cams set up)
      Denso 310cc Fuel Injectors
      Mugen Head Gasket
      Mugen oil filter
      Mugen fan switch
      EK9 Radiator
      Toda timing belt
      NGK spark plug wires
      Carbing front tie bar
      Carbing rear lower tie bar
      Carbing 3 point strut bar
      Carbing radiator cooling plate
      Project Mu 6 slot SRC discs (front)
      Project Mu HC pads (front)
      Varis Cabon Fibre OEM bonnet
      Jun Auto Eye Lines
      and.....various other bits of cosmetic stuff :)

      Waiting on a few things to come in from Japan through VtecDirect and then I can get it all sorted in 2-3 days, can't wait, spent a fortune! haha

      You got any pics of your ek9?
    11. Anto-EK9
      No thanks, im goin another direction with my car. Cheers
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    Aug 28, 1986 (Age: 32)