*** breaking Jimbo's Jordan all parts mega cheap must go quick***


Oct 27, 2010
As the title says guys the time has come and it all has to go super fast... so please spread the word :)

all parts will be priced cheap to sell as quick as possibly! car will be breaking as of tonight!!

check out my build thread and let me know what you want or need


******** LIST ********

Mugen RNR's 4 x 100 15 x 6.5j 10.5lbs - recently refurbed pure white with nearly new toyo t1r's - excellent condition - SOLD

Miester R zeta R's - 4 moths old, covered 1200 miles in excellent condition -£400 sold

D2 LCA - 4 months old covered 1200 miles, bushes are perfect - £70 sold

Tegiwa Xbrace - very good condition comes with all hardware - £110 sold

Carbing rear lower strut brace - powdercoated white , very good condition - £40 sold

Datum1 rear tow hook - black in colour good condition - £15 sold

Mugen rep Lip - good condition, excellent fit - £50 sold

Seibon carbon EK9 spoiler - needs to be relaquered due to a small crack - £75 sold

EK4 rear disc conversion - 2 new wheel bearings complete with handbrake cables and callipers - £120

99-00 facelift front lights - these were EK9'd by the previous owner, good condition - £60

OMP corssica style steering wheel - excellent condition with EK boss - sold

99-00 facelift rear lights - couple of moths old from honda with EK9 loom - £80

Tegiwa tilt bracket - good condition - sold

Y-56 EK9 rear plate recess - good condition - sold

Y-56 EK9 style grill - excellent fit in good condition - £25

Spoon socks - great condition not faded - sold


Jazz washer jets - great upgrade over standard washer jets £32 from honda - sold

OEM red stitched gear gaitor - 5 months old, brought new from honda - £20

EK9/DC2 Red recaro's with DC2/EG rails- good condition slight sagging on the bolsters and small bit of fabric wear (no rips, cuts or stains) £320 sold

EK9 pop out cup holders - £40 sold

EK9 handbrake surround - £20 sold

Skunk2 Duel bend Short shifter- good condition - £50 sold

EK9 gear knob - £15 sold

EK4 black carpet - no wear or tears in good condition - £40

EK4 clocks - white, reading 58,000 miles - £50 sold

DC2 airbox with Hamp replacement filter - complete with intake pipe, neoprene cold air feed and a bracket for EK fitment - £60

Decat - 2.5" adjustable - £30sold

Buddclub Pro spec - cat back exhaust- scraping/ denting on the centre section silencer doesn't affect performance at all - £200

DC2/EK9 P72 baffled sump - not dented good condition - £50 sold

DC2 full width radiator - very good condition, great upgrade performance and visual - sold

OEM P72 DC2/EK9 oil pump - brand new in box still sealed cost me £180 a few months ago - £120

OEM B series headgasket - brand new still sealed - £35

OEM B18C/B16B cambelt and Koyo tensioner - £60

Supertech vitton stem seals - brand new in pack - £40

supertech bronze valve guides x 16 - £40

HAMP oil filter - brand new in box - sold

RMF narrow B 4 - 1 2.5" header - no dents or scrapes, very good condition welds are spot on, very good ground clearance, awesome good power gains with this header, not your cheap £200 copies cost me a small fortune not so long ago! sold

B18C6 engine - 80k miles, serviced every 4k very clean runs spot on comes with all ancillaries, loom, JDM P73 ECU, mounts - £1100 deposit taken

S80 98 spec 4.7 FD - no crunches in any gears, oil changed every 3k comes with a new-ish slave cylinder and HEL braided clutch line - £450deposit taken

Toda flywheel - good condition, very light compared to stock - £110sold

Exedy stage 2 clutch and new release bearing - covered 6k loads of life, release bearing has covered 500 miles - £85sold


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Apr 22, 2011
Hows it going mate how much for the carbon intake?

Damn nice car to :( why you breaking.


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Aug 18, 2008
Bung a link to your build thread buddy. :nice:


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Nov 28, 2008
:( such an awesome car

edit: as Kozy said add a link to your build thread mate


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Aug 18, 2008
i think im a retard, i dont know how :(
Go to page one of your build thread, copy the link in the url bar and paste it in a reply here, no need for any HTML code or anything. :D


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Jan 1, 2011
How much for the EK9'd lights dude? Also, the short shifter? And how much would you want for the lip? And the cupholders? Really wish you werent breaking this :(

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Apr 21, 2008
wtf another minter getting broken, sad to see but good luck getting it all sold!


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Dec 22, 2008
do you have the originsal interior? my mate is rebuilding a jordan and needs the front seats!