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  • hey dude, have you sorn the civic? the date of liability can be either sorn date or tax date, just checking. give us a text and ill drop your drill off.
    but it wasnt it was fitted :p its all good got one sorted for 35 quid my fingers and toes were crossed...wtf the pump isnt priming....oh god this might be really funny
    Haha, you numpty! Thought you would have realised considering the cover was off and unbolted.
    mate i turned the car over today...whys the fuel pump not priming? haha its because the fuel pump isn't there!
    mate, wats ur number? if ur breaking at cosford its way to convenient! lol after loads of b18 kit. ill drop u a text
    yeah i am dude, my car is at the motorclub at the moment breaking it for parts :(
    let me know if you want anything?
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