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  • Ah ok, so I could just get tracking done? The coilovers wouldn't screw the camber?
    Hello mate

    Are you interested in a PX for my Integra DC2?

    Honda : Modified 1996 Honda Integra Type R DC2

    Orite mate just mailing to say intrested in teh car ... And bolts bolts is gonna email on my behalf so hell ask relevant questions etc cheers alex
    Still havent received any info from you. Do you go to Portsmouth? I have a friend there, who could take pistons and rods for me.

    nah the upright clears ok, only about 12mm sag in my suspension running 22k springs though!

    with the double wishbone suspension geometry i doubt it would contact though with the upper arm angle of travel

    I do have roll centre adjusters fitted too, may make a slight difference to the way everything sits
    Pistons and rods will sell together for £210 delivered :)

    Out of a 60k engine, all great condition. Let me know what you think, will put up a for sale ad probably later tonight
    Well the thing is, the block is going for a great price from a mate, after stripping it down all it needs is a hone!
    Looking at fitting some real light rods and not going crazy with the CR of the pistons which should help
    The extra torque will help massively with pulling the car out the corners, i'm used to driving a car with a 9k rev limit anyways, peak power with the B16B being about 8.5, so if i take my time and build it right then.........
    Picking up the block tonight, so if you are needing those pistons or even rods too, let me know
    Oh and the Endyn cams look excellent, just arrived today :)
    Thanks for this thread. Do you have any picture of that tanabe springs you had? Mine are for civic coupe and are linear front and rear :)
    What spring rates would work fine with konis? More than 250? Would be larger rear sway good combo with oem shocks? Thnx in advance for those answers!

    Cheers, Matjaž
    Yes the the springs are not well matched to the dampers in this setup, the springs are more of a show spring than performance and as such don't really raise the spring rate high enough. What you are feeling is the suspension being overdamped, this is fine on smooth roads but gives a very harsh ride on bumpy ones.

    You have two choices, you can either swap out the Konis for some softer dampers, maybe some OEM EK9 units, or you can junk the crappy springs and replace with something like Eibachs or Spoon progressives. These will put the spring rates up and closer to what the damper is designed to work with, so despite them being stiffer, your ride will actually be better.

    Get the larger rear sway bar either way, it's a great modification! :)
    i have the same setup on my ek4 and i am also unsatisfied with the ride cause it is very uncomfortable on bumpy roads. What would you suggest to make it better? Oem shocks+tanabe springs+larger rear sway?
    The only thing i like on konis is that they handle very well on smooth roads :)

    Hi, can i ask you something about your previous suspension setup koni+tanabe?

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