Boosted b18c dc2 problem!! Help please!!!!!


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Oct 26, 2014
I have a turbo b18 dc2
Everytin runs perfect except when I reach 7500rpm it splutters,farts and backfires! Used to rev to 9200
Any one ever have this problem?? Sometimes problem can be intermittent
Have tried everytin I can think of! :-(

History and Spec might help if anyone has ideas
Originally built and mapped by well known builder etc in dc1 shell..

I bought it.. And re shelled the car to a dc2.. Took literally all running gear everythmg possible.. Only differmt ting is dash loom! Fuel lines so on not stuff you would really need to change!

Car wasn't running great befor swap! Tps needed rewiring and synced with ecu etc! Everytin that could possibley be done is done in my eyes
Am I missing someting
Some1 must have an answer
Cheers in advance

What it normally runs like!

What it's running like.. (note this was befor all other issues were fixed.. Problem still consists after other issues fixed)
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No man :-( msd blaster coil installed so dizzy technically not bein used only rotar arm and cap but both brand new!
The msd kit only replaces the coil, cap and arm, so you have to consider the other components inside the distributor.
The msd coils are not that great anyway, I binned mine as it failed.

What heat range spark plugs do you have and what are they gapped at?
Ive got a spare dizzy if you need one.
Works as I've tried it trouble shooting mine.

Do you have any traction what so ever? Lol
Cheers Jesse and b16mini but iv tried disconnecting msd and using a standard dizzy still no joy.. Tuner is looking after plugs and gaping I'm not sure there! He is the lad who has tried literally everytin startin from scratch back to basics like!
As for traction not really :nono: that was actually a fairly dry night!! Iv worse videos here :))

Tps was fixed synced the ecu everything!
Tuner started a brand new map yesterday got it finished last night and still no joy!
I was thinkin fuel delivery myself as one of my spacers for the I.d 1000cc was missing car ran perfect while it was missing don't really remember any difference when I put spacer in as it was months ago and there was many other teething problems!
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If its banging and backfiring through the exhaust to me mate thats ignition not fuel, if there no fuel but there is a spark it won,t have anything to burn to make the backfire. If there fuel going in but no spark, that fuel will end up in the exhaust system and when the spark returns the fuel in the exhaust will catch off an exhaust storke and theres your backfire.

I'd be looking on ignition side mate. I had a similar issue but it would bog and backfire at 4k rpm and it was caused by the screw for the rotor arm coming out and damaging the trigger sensor in the dizzy, no symptoms below 4k ran sweet as a nut. Imo id start on ignition side.
Cheers robthedoc ..
Guna go back to basics
Might replace everytin with ignition system!
Money I don't have to spend at the moment tho!
No worries mate, I would try and test things rather than replace things tho buddy. Hit and hope diagnostics can get very expensive very quickly and not get you anywhere. Best bet is to try one thing at at time and where possible borrow a known to be good part and see how you get on.
Problem fixed! Tuned out to be msd coil kit.. Someting went wrong somewhere during the engine swap! Wired stock dizzy back in and working 100% now!