1972 Honda N600 deluxe restoration project Cyprus


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Apr 19, 2007
I would like to introduce you to my 1972 N600 I just purchased to fully restore.

This is how I found the car.


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Subscribed for updates. What an amazing project!

Thanks for sharing
What motor you are going to put in?
:nice:μπράβο φιλέ. πολύ καλη επιλογή. I wait your updates.:nice:
Wow, these must be pretty rare now,
Good luck with it.

Get some more photos up
Thanks for the comments guys. I've started to strip the sound deadening, will post pics asap.
Rvm I'm going to recondition the factory 598cc air cooled engine. My plans are to register the car as a classic, so I'm keeping completely stock.
Removed glass and rear interior. Found some rust but nothing major fortunately.
Gave the rims a pressure wash to get 25 years worth of dirt and grime off!
I sent them off to get some minor dents fixed yesterday, then they will be taken to get sandblasted.