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  • Hay mate, could you send me your email via message, would like to discuss the EK9 cylinder head you've just put up in your breaking thread. Pretty interested!

    Cheers :)
    Hi mate, just a quick if you can spare a minute. Basically as you know i was thinking of joining the RAF myself. After talking about it with my girlfriend she to is thinking of joining but is stuck on choosing a job. I mentioned to her that your girlfriend worked there and she asked me to ask you what she did. So if you could spare a minute and let me know it would be great.

    Hi mate seen and mainly heard your ek9 around cosford lol.

    Looks good though mate I see that lad Dan is back with his ek9 too aswell I'm on a heavy course here I used to have a Red JDM dc2 up until Xmas so well into hondas give us a shout though mate wouldn't mind a nose around yours sometime.

    hi mate what likes them shocks and springs what make are they how much u needing posted mate ?? thanks
    Hi there iv'e been reading your article on sleeving the b16B engine to be a 2.1 ltr. Can you confirm that you made 250hp, and what needed changing when the engine was sleeved was it only the pistons?. Also was it stock air filter, exhaust etc/etc
    Hi Mate,

    Just posted the Carbon shifter out there, the 2nd parcel arrived today so I can work out all the VAT and duty, you owe me:

    £3.25 Postage
    £9.04 VAT and Duty

    If you could send payment via paypal too: andrew.dixon10@ntlworld.com and send it as a gift, that would be great.


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