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    My MB6 B18C4 project

    fanblades would set that car of
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    I hate getting PULLED.

    once again cops at there lark!!!!!! give the friend 3points for aparently going threw a red light! wen they stopped us cuffs on both us screamed at (clearly thinkin these 2 lads cant afford this wagon:P) 4 jeeps 2 cars an 1 shogun 30 mins at least at the side of the road freezen, had his...
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    I hate getting PULLED.

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    I hate getting PULLED.

    he didnt say it was in the mornin haha
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    I hate getting PULLED.

    simple cops dont and never have liked the honda/vauxhall there racists againts them. woop woop licence please aaaaaaaaaaa noo haha :)
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    Proper Street Drifting lol

    no1 can drive reckles for that long thats pure skill 8mins and not 1 mess up :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    White smoke from exhaust.

    Biggest issue here is the exhaust valves themselves which are commin problems.
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    New to here, my b18c r ek9

    this build tread goina be interestin lol :welcome:
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    what ya driven pal

    what ya driven pal
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    Mot failure on emmisions

    were ya from dude?
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    TrackDay EF Project by Davemirra - BRIDE/MISHIMOTO/B18C

    be good to see it when finished
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    New from Cork, Ireland

    what ya driven dude
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    havnt seen 1 as nice as that in a while

    havnt seen 1 as nice as that in a while
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    Vtec performance!!random honda goodies part 1!23-10-13

    am interested in the steerin wheel could you pm please meny thanks
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    What colour to do wheels?

    keep them black with red lip and paint calibers red would look cool