Visit to Spoon garage: TYPE ONE!!!


May 21, 2008
Civic Type R EK9-Zenki, Integra Type R DB8 Kouki
Hey people!

Time to bring you some updates in the world of JDM tuning. Yesterday I visited TYPE ONE in Tokyo to get more oil filters and to get the good old mechs to have a look at my car...I think my suspension bushes have nearly reached their limit. :wow:

Obviously the FD2 R was present as it the latest Type R from Honda. Spoon wasted no time in tuning the new chassis and in fact made a 'prototype' even before the real FD2R was released by Honda. Anyway, there are loads of parts now available, which you see soon.

Have a look at the pics below:


My car parked in the garage parking. The cars behind are all customer cars awaiting their owner.


The entrance sign. Note the EK bonnet from the race cars..I really wanted to buy it off them as a souvenir


You see that small room next to the new Fit? Its new and I never saw it before. I went over and took a look and saw......


complete engines and transmission all over the room floor awaiting customers...and maybe me to buy one:D Here are 2 K20A R


And F20C...see the transmissions behind? Notice the small tags on the cases? It says "Spoon Certified Performance".......blimey


Before going up into the workshop area and showroom, I stumbled upon these...exclusively for the NA2R!........... I thought to myself "Why?"

Anyway, so proceed up the stairs, open the door and was greeted by this!


This is a nearly complete version of the Spoon FD2R. Note the new aero FRP front bumper, carbon bonnet, carbon roof and carbon boot which you can't see.

So, I take a look inside...


Spoon steering wheel, titanium shift knob, in house Spoon buckets which were...


...what else but made from carbon kevlar.

Product update!!


Spoon now sells high performance wipers with aerodynamic wind deflector blades.

So what parts are available for the FD2R?


Naturally everyone loves exhaust mods. So on the left, Spoon N1 muffler, on the right, Spoon Street spec muffler for the FD2R


Next up, venturi throttle body 70mm diameter. I don't know if the Spoon ECU settings can overcome the E throttle.


Aluminium radiator and 4-2 exhaust manifold for DC5 / EP3


Side gusset plate for front wing frame reinforcement. Only for the FD2


Lovely Spoon Volk Racing RE-30 dark grey metallic wheels


Here are some of the other parts that some of yo may be familiar with. cams, pistons and the like.


Also a new product across the range is the Engine Torque Damper. Next to it are the various stock and Spoon shift knobs.


The wall display had some lovely and desirable items..


And the infamous SW388 wheels...these were used items for sale..meant for the AP1/2..

Moving on, Spoon has done extreme mods for the S2000 and in its latest guise here is a show car with the complete aero kit and the coupe hatch kit. I think the design really gives the rather tardy but sleek AP1/2 a really aggressive look.



OK..EK9 lovers....does anyone recognise the EK9 sat on the rack?


This is the Spoon EK9 with a can see this monster here: YouTube - Spoon EK9 K20

...and at last, I also saw why I saw the RE070 meant for the NSX-R earlier...


The car was getting a service and some undergoing some restoration. I believe it belongs to Ichishima san....will ask him the next time I see him..
Great Post. Have to Visit there sometime...Throttle Body for the FD2 is cheap!
That look's amazing you are so lucky to have been there!
:bow: damn! before I die I want to go there :bow:
Ya dont want to pick me up a Spoon ECU the next time your there do ya lol:D
wow - what a garage.... i think i would volunteer full-time there just to learn the ropes...
omg your so lucky m8!!! im so jealous!!
i wonder if they need an aprentice???