Jun 5, 2007
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    1. Jdm stevo
      Jdm stevo
      Hi hows things i never got a car remapped before so just looking for info and was told your the man to talk to.. i have to remap it as soon as.. engine is still out but just need to put the head on the block and torque it its a high comp build.. can u help me..
    2. Donal
      Hi what ecu would you recommend that I should remap on my 98 spec ITR. It has Blox intake filter, decat & border 304 rep exhaust.. Would there be much gains on them miss alone as it is fairly standard.. I would be delighted to here back from you
      1. Vtec6000
        Obd1 Ecu and jumper harness would be required for your car in order to tune it. We use Neptune software to tune these and get pretty decent results even on very mildly modded engines.
        Mar 6, 2016
    3. Samuka88
      do you consider i should remap my ek9facelift rx 99 after install KN square filter, idrium.ix sparkplugs, decar twwinloop exaust line and tegiwa toda replica mainfold?
      1. Vtec6000
        A remap to suit those mods will certainly improve how it runs.
        Jul 12, 2015
    4. jdm ryan
      jdm ryan
      hi i was reading and just saw one of your posts on the k20 kraftweks supercharger that you have seen and mapped two of them, ive heard the c38-91 version of this charger can produce up to 500fly bhp from a totaly stock k20a2 block with stock pistons, this sounded silly to me cos i know the pistons are usually the weak point of a k20 way before that , what have you seen yourself cheers
    5. TurboR
      Hello. I was looking someone to map my dc2 turbo. Iv hondata s300. I'm tuning a stock b18c4 block, b16 head type r cams, bc springs and retainers, top mount cast manifold with a kkk k27 turbo. I haven't bought injectors yet but was looking at Bosch ev14 1000cc and a 225lph pump. Would you want to map this? Iv been referred to you by a few people now
      1. Vtec6000
        Hello, Drop me a email at AP-Performance@hotmail.com and we can discuss it further.
        Sep 13, 2014
    6. Taylor
      Hi mate, are you the guy does mapping etc outside dublin?
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