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  • Hey mate,

    Heard you may have ek9 rear seats for sale?
    If you do give me a shout,
    Hi Haitch, dunno if you remember me but its the young lad Daniel who bought the EK9 mats off you during the begining of September... & we met up just outside the station in Aldershot so I could pick em up?

    Anywaays... just wondering if you've got a good ol EK parcel shelf lying around you dont want so you can sell to me? & we can do the same again with collection & what not if you are willing to sell one.

    Cheers, Daniel.
    hi mate how much did the brembo conversion cost and will they fit under 15s or 16s
    thanks stu
    Hello, whats is that bonnet like for yours, does it fit ok seibon same make as yours. Duncan has offerd me 1 for £200 with px my bonnet. did you find a tow hook i am looking 4 one. have you fitted that spilter yet.
    no prob, ya it was for the folding one, they normaly have loads in, think it took me bout an hour there n an hour back, as it was urgent. not sure on postage price.
    ello mate cheers for the reply to my post when you got your wing mirror/s from japerformance parts was it the folding one/s? because £45 is a very good price!
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