The ultimate EK9 parts number list


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Dec 30, 2008
Im sick & tired of trying to find parts numbers I know il get the just go down to honda replys But my local honda is run by monkeys &takes them about half an hour to find a part number:nono: And the other reason Im doing this is beause i order all my honda parts from Lings Honda online but u need part numbers.
So im going to build a list I would like everyones input. When you purchase somthing useful with part number PM me with it & il add to list.
And here is where to order honda parts online

Il start with a few things ive ordered so far

Engine/Service parts
EK9 OIL CAP - 15610-P73-J01
chrome valve cover nuts p/n 90213ph3000
honda coolant type_2 P/N 08CLAG018L0A
honda coolant 5litres p/n 08CLA-G01-8L0 (long life coolant 5 litres)
aircon belt **now**p/n 38920P73013
power steering p/n 56992-P72-004
Alternator belt p/n 31110-P73-A01
Air filter P/N 17220p2ne01
Thermostat P/N 19301p08316
thermostat switch P/N 37760P00003
Oil Filter P/N H15400RBAF01
fuel filter P/N 16010st5e02
WASHER PLUG,14M P/N H9410914000
TIMING BELT P/N is 14400P72014
POWER STEERING FLUID 1 Litre P/N 08284999011HE
CAM SEAL P/N 12513P72003
DIZZY CAP P/N 30102P72006
EK9 Back box with new O ring gasket P/N 18030S03Z91
EK9 B-Pipe P/N 18220S04Z90
Exhaust gasket P/N 18229S04X12
Exhaust manifold gasket. P/N 18115P72003
Fuel filter P/N 16010ST5E02
Valve cover Gasket Set P/N 12030 P73 000
WATERPUMP P/N 19200P72013
RED CAM head cover P/N 12310-P73-J00
B16B MAP Sensor P/N 37830-PAA-S00
EK9 O2 Sensor P/N 36531P2T003
B16B LSD P/N 41200P80003
clutch rubber P/N 46545sh3000
The 4 studs in the middle of the cam cover that hold down the cam cover & plug cover: P/N 90014PR3000
Rear brake disk pads P/N 42522sv4e50
rear brake disk x1 P/N 42510st7r00
Integra DC2-R 98 spec exhaust manifold (4-1) P/N 18100-P73-J12
Rotor Head Assembly P/N 30103p73003
Gearbox Mount P/N 50841504950
DriveShaft oil seals Passanger side P/N 91205-PL3-A01 Driver side P/N 91205-PC9-711


Wing Liner clips (10X handy plastic screws that snap easy) P/N 91501s04003
Facelift front Red (H) badge P/N 75700st7z00
Front (prefacelift) red badge = 75700s03z00
Type-R side decal P/N 75773s03z00za
Type-R rear decal P/N 75717-S03-Z00ZA
DOHC VTEC decals Seen on vti etc: 75727-S02-A11ZA
REAR Red (H) BADGE P/N 75701-S03-Z00
EK9 CTR HEADLAMP P/N 33101S04305
JDM wind deflectors P/N 08R04S03600F
EK9 rear lip P/N 71510S03Z00ZC
EK9 grill P/N 71122-S03-Z01ZA (PRE-Facelift)
EK9 grill P/N 71121S04Z01 (facelift)
Ek9 grill surround Champion white P/N 71122S04Z01ZA (facelift)
97-98 Ek9 bonnet rubber seal x1 P/N 74142S04000
99-00 Ek9 bonnet rubber seal P/N 74142-S04-G10
Front windscreen seal (A) P/N 73125SR3000
Front windscreen seal (B) P/N 73128S47000
Front windscreen molding P/N 73150S03013
99-00 Civic Rear windscreen seal x1 P/N 73224SK8000
E-EK9 EK9 Front lip P/N 71110S04Z00ZE (NH0 : WHITE color)
GF-EK9 EK9x Front lip P/N 71110S04Z00ZE (NH0 : WHITE color)
Headlight(R)-facelift 33101-S04-Z01
headlight(L)-facelift 33151-S04-Z01
Facelift EK9 Drivers Side Rear Lamp - 33501-S03-901
Facelift EK9 Passenger Side Rear Lamp - 33551-S03-901
PRE-facelift EK9 Drivers side rear lamp 33501-S03-003
PRE-facelift EK9 Passenger rear lamp 33551-S03-003
Wiper blade (450mm passenger) P/N 76620sh3315
Wiper blade (500mm drivers) P/N 76620sh2315
Champion white touch up paint (NH0) P/N 08703nh0mhe
Facelift fog lights: 08V31S04603

Red EK9 carpet:83301-S03-Z00ZB
Rear lower control arm bushes x3 same on each arm p/n 52622SK7A02
cv gaiter d/s P/N 44018-ST7C05
steering rack gaiter d/s P/N 53534-SR3-N52
front anti roll bar bushes (chassis) P/N 51306-S04-N01
Sway Bar p/n 52300s03zo1
Rear Rod Frame Performance Bar PN 74370/503/Z00ZZ
brake fluid p/n 08203-99931HE (only available in 250ml bottles)
Gear Gaitor (not red stiched) 8341s04000za
Red stiched Gear gaitor 83414-s04-z50za
ROTOR ARM P/N 30103P73003
Center handbrake console P/N 83400S03Z00ZA
Titanium Shift Knob P/N 54102ST7Z00
Titianium Shift Knob nut P/N 90310ST7Z00
Seat belt recliner Driver side P/N 81450S03J02ZE
seat belt recliner Passger side P/N 81850S03J02ZE
EK9 momo steering wheel with SRS P/N 06770S03Z80ZD
Front Lower arm R P/N 51350S03Z00
Front Lower arm L P/N 51360S03Z00
Honda Ek9 wheel nuts P/N 90304SA5013
Full EK9 suspension, part numbers are for full assembly (shock absorber/damper, spring and top mount:
Drivers side front: P/N 51601-S03-Z01
Passenger side front: P/N 51602-S03-Z01
Rear (same both sides): P/N 52610-S03-Z01
Front anti roill bar link joint P/N 51320-504-003

Service parts
sparkplugs filters + parts etc all avalible at

lings is now -

Best place to get oils :

Recommended:Engine oil: silkolene pro s 5w-40
Gearbox oil :Land Rover MTF94 (same as honda but cheaper)


All avalible at

Type 055 Varta Asia Car Battery 12V 40Ah **330**
(Short Code: A15)
(Varta DIN: 540 127 033)

055SE Exide Excell Car Battery (EX55) **240**

055 Numax Car Battery 12V 36AH **280v**

Honda Jazz battery - which fits EK9 - H31500SAAE02: 13A6A Battery

Recommended tyres :

Budget: Toyo T1-R 195/50/15

Fast road/ occasional track: Hankook rs2 & yokohama parada spec 2

Track : toyo r888

All avalible at

(NGK) PFR7G-11
Iridium NGK plugs (BKR7EIX-11PS)

More part numbers at this link:
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cheers guys for good feedback As list gets longer il put in sections Bodywork/engine/etc So start pming me with handy part numbers & il edit list :nice:
Maybe make sticky?
Thank u for all pms List is coming along nicely I will put parts in to categories soon so easier to find parts you need:nice:
TeamEmperor- I searched the part numbers for the RED Emblems for my EK9, you sure these arent for a UKDM ITR? as they have different fitment to the EK9 ones?

TeamEmperor- I searched the part numbers for the RED Emblems for my EK9, you sure these arent for a UKDM ITR? as they have different fitment to the EK9 ones?


Well I gave honda my chassis number & the front 1 I have on my car (facelift) I think facelift & pre have different part numbers. I have rear red H on the way so will confirm when i get it:nice:
Nice one.
I was on lings the other day and couldnt find any part no for an ITR ... it was really p*ssing me off lol
Yep BON87, when you enter INTEGRA in the car model section, it doesnt read anything :(
EK9 CTR HEADLAMP P/N 33101S04305

Facelift front lights P/N N/S 33151S04201
Facelift front light P/N O/S 33101S04201

are those the same?
This might be stupid but, Why does a picture of lips come up when you select which item you wish to buy? Thanks Marc