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  • Hi Bon, What year was your DC2 ? from what i can gather this ECU should just plug and play with my engine and loom. Ok thats fair enough mate :) get back to me with your posted price and paypal address and i'll get a payment sorted out for you.



    P.S your PM inbox is full mate.
    Alright how u doing
    could you please answer my PM or contact me really need that cat as car is dew for an mot
    Why are you rubbing it in?! Its gona be hell for me, I might end up leaving it at home.
    no.. its still the same one.
    yeah, living with ray next year.
    180 every month :p and loads of parking plus driveway :)
    i'll try but for now just post it on csc, cl and jdmyo etc

    where you living?
    hahaha.. joker...
    i need it sold :(.... need £££££
    ahhhh.... anyone you know that might be interested.. make sure you pass on the message :)
    No he has an intake now. The Carbon Kevlar Intake!
    Borrow some money of family!

    Also, where you living next year? same place? my new place has no driveway parking, nor street parking, I have to park on a side street where the car is not visable from my house. Thats a big problem, I didn't think about this....
    ok... i need cash quick to cover some rent and am in need of selling the mugen intake.
    is your lil bro interested>?
    Yes I Am. Sup?
    Oh, don't buy those velocity stacks I just linked you, those are shitty examples.
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