Stock Ek9/track/boosted/racecar/ITR/4P

Congratulations Dude.

An well done on the car too its looking sick im sure it goes too

Looks amazing, I love the bumper! I need to get stuck it and learn how to weld!
Had my first race on the 22nd of April!
Qualifying didn't go to plan, I didn't get a fast lap in due to a red flag ending the session very early.
Ended up 10th overall but first in class B!
Very happy with the result, a few improvements have been made in preparation for the next race on the 6TH of May.
You can see all the race footage on my YouTube channel - Carguydiaries

I am on the look out for 4th and 5th gears from an s4c gearbox to go into my s80.
If you know of any please let me know.

Well what a season! Really sorry I haven’t been updating this, I’m going to try and keep on top of it from now on!

I finished the season 2nd overall in class B and second overall in the series. Which is great considering it’s been my first season, but it wasn’t first! Which has to be the goal next year. This season I have been racing with a bone stock b18c engine, which goes to show what a fantastic engine Honda made out the box.
Here are some photos from this season, you can also follow all of my races on my Carguydiaries YouTube channel.

I’ve got some big updates coming soon, and I will definitely share them with you on here.
Realised I have a bit of a gap in this thread, so I’ve downloaded a load of photos that I’ll put up a few at a time.

Once the 2019 season was over I started to look at what to do next, I decided I wanted to race in the Castle Combe Saloon car championship, so I set about building a car that was legal. So I picked up this UKDM ITR with a k24 in, I then swapped to k24 into my ek9 racecar that I then sold to a friend.

8d05ffeb-b796-4d65-be9a-97a61d5c79d1 Large.jpeg

508cb940-301d-4e47-a181-d1772b2ef1f5 Large.jpeg

During this process covid happened and few big things happened in my life, I’ll try and put some writing to the pictures, see any photos where you have questions I’ll answer

IMG_0965 Large.jpeg

IMG_0964 Large.jpeg
I figured something went on when you went total silent on the socials....glad to see your well(or happy enough) to return.
I figured something went on when you went total silent on the socials....glad to see your well(or happy enough) to return.

Yeh bad times, sorry I dropped off the radar back then, I had a lot going on and wasn’t in a good place for a while.

We should organise another ring trip