Stock Ek9/track/boosted/racecar/ITR/4P

Yeh bad times, sorry I dropped off the radar back then, I had a lot going on and wasn’t in a good place for a while.

We should organise another ring trip
Never be sorry man, life is hard and social media doesnt help when your at a low.
We regularly end up at Brands but im sure ill do another Nurburgring but id imagine itll be a stag do as the excuse to go...of course youd be invited.
Honed gussets and roll centre adjusters.

IMG_1237 Large.jpeg

IMG_1238 Large.jpeg

This was a b series head that I had cut down the middle of number 4 cylinder, this enabled me to make cam swings and see the results, all data was then plotted on an excel spread sheet.
IMG_1218 Large.jpeg

IMG_1220 Large.jpeg

IMG_1219 Large.jpeg

IIRC the big power was made using pro3 cams, I then had to change to a pro 1 cam because of lma contact on the valve spring retainers which I’ll have pictures somewhere.
After the initial Dyno with the pro 3 cams and a test day I noticed the valve spring retainers had some small nicks on the top of them.
IMG_1842 Large.jpeg

The rockers must of been touching them at high rpm. So I took some material off the underside of the rockers to help. Also changed to a pro1 cam to bring the power curve into a more usable window.
IMG_2571 Large.jpeg

IMG_2575 Large.jpeg
IMG_2577 Large.jpeg

And after that another test day which resulted in this happening.

IMG_1791 Large.jpeg

IMG_1789 Large.jpeg

IMG_1750 Large.jpeg

IMG_1748 Large.jpeg

It was all going great, then on a lap coming over Avon rise I went to downshift and the gearbox exploded.
I found the cause, a £10 spigot bearing in the flywheel for some reason seized causing the gearbox to rapidly slow down and bang the rest is history.
Probably my fault I must of installed it wrong or damaged it maybe.
IMG_2919 Large.jpeg

This all happened on March the 16th 2020, obviously Covid19 / lock down happened a week later. It was at this point I had to say nope no more and pulled the plug on it all.