Stock Ek9/track/boosted/racecar/ITR/4P

I have experience of early 2000 moddidng.....:fapfap:
Bring back those angel eyes haha!

Looks good its surprising how much weight the fibreglass resin adds
Lots of sanding has been done, and plenty more to go!

I’ve got a nice smooth curve around the bumper now. Put some more filler in to smooth out a few imperfections. Two more days of sanding and blending and she’ll be somewhere near ready for primer.

Bring back those angel eyes haha!

Looks good its surprising how much weight the fibreglass resin adds

I think I’ll pass on the lights! Haha

I think when it’s finished the bumper won’t weigh much more than a standard bumper tbh. I’ve cut allot out.
But there is a fair bit of filler in places lol!
youd never know that was an oem bumper with a chargespeed lip!
So what do you think? It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good imo.




Will get it fitted on the car soon!
Spot on! Can’t wait to see it on the car
Today was my day off! So I spent my day working on the ek9!

Got the nearside boost pipe done, although I’m not 100% one of the silicone joiners will last long lol


Front bumper mounted and I put the byc air dam I had lying around on the bottom edge. I can’t fit the splitter as my old one is too small for this bumper!!

Quite happy with how it’s turned out.



Probably not to everyone’s taste! But I like it!


Better photo of the tuned by sticker.


Bit of a shame the airdam doesn’t reach all the way around, will probably get another one but it’s not essential.

Also have the engine a service, engine oil change and new spark plugs. All looking good in there.
I wanted to have a play with the oil pressure relief valve so I took the sump off and put a 2.7mm shim in to bump up the pressure a bit.
My car has always been on the low side when it comes to oil pressure.
But after doing this mod the pressure seems much better!
Must of been just a weak spring.

Having the pan off also gave me a chance to inspect the internals, all looked good.


That’s better!

Next on the list is new suspension bushes on the front lower arms.
Another thing I realised when I was doing the oil pump shimming the spring was slightly bent, I put the lack of oil pressure down to this! Anyone else seen weak springs or seen a slight bend in them?
For the front bumper could always paint the edges that the air dam doesn't cover Black to make it look less obvious.

I like it, Hopefully will see a difference with intake temps with it fitted channelling air right into it.
Current state my car is in....



Really sorry I haven't posted at all for a while. Allot has changed in my life recently!
I'm now a Dad, so not much free time anymore.

But! My car is at work at the moment, and as you can probably guess she's being built into a racecar.
I have done my ARDS got all the kit, and we will hopefully be ready for testing end of the season, and will be racing for a full season in 2019.
I'll be competing in the Castle Combe GT Championship.
I've been lucky enough to gain some sponsorship already, which I'm honoured to have them on board. Tegiwa Imports and Cadley Garage.

Lots will be going on in the next few months, I'll try and post when I can.:nice:


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Superb mate and congratulations on becoming a dad!