honda civic type r

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  2. Jake Renton

    Quick question on my Ek9?

    Hello, after a couple of months of having my Ek9 relatively loud, I want to go quiet again. So I'm looking for some quick advise on gasket sizes, I am having to order them online (Tegiwa) as no garage around me stocks import car parts. So, I'm needing a gasket from the: - manifold to the...
  3. R555 DUN

    My Milano Red EP3

    So took delivery of my EP3 today, car is A clean example apart from damage to the front bumper which happened taking off the back of the transporter :nono: I'll try get the full spec list... Fiberworx Lip Replica Mugen Grill ABP 30mm Springs Powerflow back box K&N Typhoon HID Lights Carbon...
  4. S

    Honda ek9 and ek4

    I Got a question is Honda ek9 more expensive than ek4 ???