How to install DC integra map lights in your EK/EG

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Mar 11, 2007
Most EK's don't come with map lights, and the stock 5watt dome light bulb is depressing. If replacing the dome light bulb with a 10watt doesn't do it for you, here's a write up and pictures I grabbed from my hatch build from over a year ago.

The DC integra map lights are beneficial because they have buttons for either driver or passenger lights to come on, or both. The other option is the EM1 Si map light, which is a slider that makes both come on at once.
You will be splicing into the power (white with red stripe) wire for the dome light. The dome light power goes from the under dash fuse box, up inside the driver's A-piller, above the headliner, and to the dome light. I personally ran the power wire from the map light to behind the A-pillar. Depending on how apart you have the interior of your civic, you will attach the ground either to the dome light's ground wire or the visor screw hole. I'll explain more later.
Splicing into the map light doesn't make both lights "weaker" if you were wondering.

You'll need-
-DC integra Map light, with or without the attached plugs and wire tails.
-Light cardboard paper, like a cereal box
-New, sharp utility knife
-A spool 18 guage covered automotive wire
-Solder wire & electrical tape or heat shrink wrap
-Soldering iron and grill lighter (optional)
-Both a small phillips and flat head screwdriver

Now, with my install, I had the door and interior panels off for other work. This makes the map light install easier. If you have the interior apart, follow these instructions. I use the grill lighter to do most of the work to peel back the wire sheaths for the power wire.
The integra light has the grounds for both bulbs on the outside, and the power connection in the middle.

Here is how I installed the integra map lights. To be safe and to clear some work space I had both the visors off beforehand. I couldn't trace the map light directly onto the headliner because the flat edge doesnt go all the way around the back of the light.




Some more trimming is needed to make it close to the shape of the light backing.

Onto the tracing for the hole. If you do this your self, I recommend you trace the hole a little bit more towards the windshield. Doing so will make the light hit your lap more directly.


I don't have any pics of just the hole cut out, but I did it with my trusty utility knife. Just GO SLOW, the headliner fabric rips easily.
Pull the headliner down and run your lengthened power wire through to the A-pillar. I used 18 guage.
Stripped wire with the help of the grill lighter.

I soldered it as well with the grill lighter. Its much quicker than waiting for a soldering gun to heat up and running an extension cord out the car. Plus I dont burn myself as much with this method. Keep in mind the lighter isnt appropriate to use for a lot of soldering jobs, just some.

These screws are used for the stock ground in an integra. They wont work for a ground in a civic however. The inegra had a roof bracket where they screwed into.

I just wrapped some more 18 guage around both grounds, and then soldered it. (with a soldering iron this time, I didnt want to light the plastic on fire)



Then, I extended the ground wire to the left side of the drivers side visor, and attached the wire to the screw hole there, then screwed both visors back in. I also installed the new a-pillar panel.
This is with the stock 5 watt bulbs.



I'll mention that the map light stays in the hole you made because it has two prongs on the sides that keep it there. If you have the plugs with the wire tails on your map light, obviously it would be best to attach your new wires to the old wire tails. In the example above, I didn't have the plugs and tails so I soldered the new wires directly onto the ground and power prongs.

If you don't have any interior panels out, you can use the other method of installation
. You do the same tracing and cutting of the hole, and you also remove your dome light so it hangs down. Then attach your respective two wires to your new map light and tape the other ends to a coat hanger. Pull the coat hanger through the map light hole and out of the dome light hole. Then splice into the power and ground of dome light. Simple.

Here's this version-
How-to install an Integra Maplight in your 92-95 Civic. - JDM

Any questions, just ask.


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May 27, 2007
silly little things like map lights are so handy sometimes, luckily my ek4 came with 1 stock from factory


Oct 6, 2008
Good job with the info buddy...i now in de process of doing this....thanks


Mar 29, 2009
I did this a while back and it's money. If you get the LED bulbs instead of the regular it lights up the car like daylight....something I'm sure most honda owners aren't used to.


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Oct 4, 2009
just did it this weekend lol got the complete wiring all the way down to the last part of the harness .. then i realized i only needed on wire haha .. guess i should start researching before i jump into my projects .. but mine came out pretty good ... but think ima redo it as i want a vinyl roof instead of cloth ... easier to clean:):):)


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Oct 6, 2009
wanted to do this in my eg! this is awesome! haha :)
cheers for sharing:nice:


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Mar 2, 2010
Here are the part numbers for those of you that would like them:

'99-'00 USDM EX/Si map light: 34256-SR3-901ZB

'94-'01 USDM Integra map light: 34256-ST7-0037A