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  • hi
    im interested in the cusco coilover, does the coilover knock at all and is is the bottom of the coilover ali?
    Yo you still got the windowvisors?
    And ek9 spoiler?
    Let me know i'll be waiting on your pm (Y)
    Hey man. Tried to send you a pm but your inbox is full.
    Could you have a look at this and let me know if your J's intake is the same mate:

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    hi there, ive been trying to get hold of you but your inbox for PM's is full, im ready to post your hoses i just need your address ;)
    hi..any tips or thread here that talks about what to do before a dragrace?
    Both the rubber gasket and the carbon effect film came straight out of Halfords mate, so easy to find. Not really sure I've got any other advice on it, other than it's well worth running a duct from the bumper once you're done!!
    Hi mate just read yours and Jugbugz j's racing intake installation post! Very nice work! me and my mates are making the heatshield box you made for my j's racing intake which I got yesterday. But I was just wanting to know where you got the carbon film and the rubber gasket kits please? If there is anything else you can help me with about the box that would be great.
    Hello Jokeshopbeard!! The car from your avatar looks damn nice!, do you have any pics of the full car!?


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