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  • yo josh ive got front and rear ek9 arbs if your interested. seen your car down at stevies unit other day
    Hi man i saw your threads about your previous suspension setup, tein basic and i want to ask you. Because i want to get them, i'm asking you are they soft?? i've seen a lot of threads and they're saying that are very soft and they're garbage. i believe that's bullshit, i don't want to drive my car at track, i just want it to handle and to be comfort. i have an ej9 not an ek9 so i believe the difference with tein basic will be amazing. what about your opinion?? you 'll help me very much if you answer me. thankssssssssss!!! and sorry for my bad english ;)
    Hi when i install my recaro seats using the integra rail, it will only fit 3 out of 4 bolt right so will the 3 bolt hold the seat??
    Hey mate!
    Im not bad thank's. u?
    Yeah i went to the mcr-vtec meet, it was good just let down by the rain! lol
    U should have said u could have come in my car! well u know for future ref!
    The B18 is great mate, cant fault it at all!
    Just saving for some more mod's now!
    Hi Josh

    Ime ok mate your engine build looks great you must have spent a fortune on it ! I have a set of jun type 0 cams in mine, i think there a great set of cams. Ime thinking of stroking the engine to a 1.8 if i do i will upgrade the cams again to either jun type 2 or toda b. Ime sorry i havent got any pic's up yet, i need to get my hands on a digital camara as i only have my mobile phone an the picture is crap lol. Good luck with your build by the way i hope it all goes to plan, your car is going to be rapid ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Keep in touch and let us know how your getting on with your build.
    Alright mate how are you getting on with you engine build ? what do you think of those jun stage 2 cams ?

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